Batman Adventures #12 Comic Con Box Third Variant?


We had mentioned the Comic Con Box Flip idea a while back. The idea was to buy the box and flip the Batman Adventures #12 Comic Con Box Variant that came in it, keep the rest of the stuff (or sell it) and profit. With the color closing for as high as $60 and black and white for $100, it wasn’t a bad idea. Now I am getting word that there may be a third, secret version of it. Check it out:

I usually wait for two confirmations before printing something but this comes from a pretty credible source. As of writing this, none of the third version have come up for sale.

Here is the email that I got:

Somewhere between Wizardworld Pittsburgh and Wizardworld Ohio, the Batman Adventures 12 variants arrived via Wizard’s Comic Con Box subscription service. Of course, you already knew that. What you didn’t is that Wizard had a third variant produced, with a virgin cover wrapped around the cover of the normal book. It features the virgin color cover art on the front, the black and white version on the back, and no logos. It is the rarest of the three variants and was distributed solely within Wizard and to the cover artist Rick Burchett, who had a handful with him to sign for Wizard at the Ohio show.

So that is what I have so far. If anyone else can confirm this, it would be great, if anyone has one for sale well….

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