New Apocalypse Image Leaked, Should Calm Fears

The original Apocalypse Image (shown below) really bothered people. Mostly because other than the blue skin, he just didn’t look like Apocalypse. But a new image leaked, or was leaked, showing Apocalypse in a much more familiar light.


The new image, courtesy of Superhero Stuff’s Source shows more of the trade mark lines on his face, and makes him look more like the comic book version.


Looks very different than the original image, more texture. This should make people who are holding copies of X-Factor #6 feel a little better.

What do you think of the new image? Better?

4 thoughts on “New Apocalypse Image Leaked, Should Calm Fears”

    1. I am thinking production image for the first one and post production image for the second one. This doesn’t mean that Fox will not screw this up. It just means he looks closer to the comic version. How is that Fantastic Four movie doing again?

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