Larry’s Comics Swag Bags

I am still working on the recap of today’s Baltimore Comic Con. But wanted to cover something previously mentioned. Larry from Larry’s Comics hooked me up with some sweet Swag Bags that he was giving away at the Baltimore Comic Con. He promised 10 but came through with 13. So if you want one here is the deal:

The Bags Contain:
Young terrorists #1 Larrys comics Variant
Oxymoron #1 Larrys Comics Variant
Shrinking Man #1 Larrys Comics Variant
Escape From New York #1 Larrys Comics variant
Regular Show #1 sketch variant
Liberator #1 Larrys Comics Variant

all 6 books (Young Terrorist is huge) in one bag.

They are free to the first 13 people who want one. All I ask is you chip in for the priority shipping. I do have to specify US addresses only please. These are heavy and would be costly to go over seas

6 variants for $6

comment below to reserve one and send me an email at

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