Baltimore Comic Con Wrap Up

Wow! What a weekend. We went to closing on a refi on our house on Friday, so that took me out of the con for Friday, and Sunday I took Joe to the Raven’s game (ugh). I did make it to the show on Saturday. I fit a full weekend in in one day. Here is the wrap up.

Normally I would have taken a ton of Cosplay photos. I snapped a couple. Ones of women dressed as popular characters in smaller outfits usually bring in good hits. Like this one:


But my favorite was the Ancient Aliens guy. This one cracked me up:


The kid in this one was just too cool for words, he owned as being Wolverine.

I got to the show floor early, before the crowd got in. Good to have a press pass. Mel V. and I hit the floor and were talking to publishers and artists.

For me, there are few artists I look up to as much as Terry Moore. I have been a big fan of his since Strangers in Paradise. I wish I still had my copies. Terry was gracious enough to sign my Rachel Rising #1, still one of favorite reads, and the book was quickly skirted off to CBCS for grading. I also got a few of the Halloween Comicfest edition (up on eBay to help cover the cost of the grading). When I talked to Terry about his books he was very gracious. Terry is seriously one of the living legends. I put him up there with Matt Wagner, Mike Allred, and Paul Pope as modern masters of independent comics.

Also Spoke with Mike Wolfer, who’s Daughters of the Dark Oracle was just recently released. This is a reprint of his self-published Ragdoll stuff, also remastered. He is a local guy who has been around the cons previously. He lives up the street from where I went to college and was just a font of knowledge.

I spoke to cover artist Mike McKay about punk rock for way too long. He has done covers for Zombie Tramp but also is known for Night of the 80’s Undead, also from Action Lab. Mike is a local guy as well and grew up in the same punk clubs I did. He taught me a ton about bands that we had a shared interest in. He has a new Night of the 80’s Undead Hardcore series coming up. Takes place in the old 9:30 Club in DC. Saw way too many shows there back in the day.

Got a few recent Simpsons Comics, including the most recent Treehouse of Terror issue signed by Andrew Pepoy, known for the sexier variants of Afterlife with Archie.

One of my favorite parts of the show is talking to people. Met a few readers, all complemented the site, most complemented Joe on his videos (Lootcrate unboxing).

Also got to meet Trey K. from the G+ Comic Book Speculation and Investment site. Was so nice to finally meet and talk with him. Had some great ideas about stuff.

Mel and I hung out a lot with regular site reader David L. and George and Diego from Show Time Cards and Comics. They were in from Tuscon AZ. We walked the con together, stood around for signings, and talked so much (probably mostly me as I never shut up.) They were great guys and David covered my lunch. After the show they helped me carry out the heavy boxes of bags and boards I bought from Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find. I get 1,000 bags and boards from them every year at a great price. Afterwards we ended up grabbing wings and beer and watched Arizona State lose Saturday Night. Thanks to Diego for footing the bill on that one. Really great guys who I plan to stay in touch with.

So much more went on that I cannot put into words, including hanging out with the guys from Creature Entertainment, who had me laughing so hard. Cannot repeat the conversations but hilarious guys.

That is it for me. Mel has his wrap up coming as well. Also many thanks to Mel for the sweet T-Shirt. 

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  1. Can’t wait till next year…I’m getting a room at the days inn right across from the convention center lol I will not miss these beer and wing after parties lol

    1. Lol I didn’t expect to get that much feedback on that skelotor t shirt lol .Trey even gave it props on CBSI if only the prices rice on ebay lol

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