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What Up CHu? Mel V. here with you latest edition of Big Gems from the Small Press. Still riding high from my trip to Baltimore Comic Con, if you ever have a chance I highly suggest going to Baltimore Comic Con, you will definitely enjoy yourself. I’m switching things up a bit going forward, I will be adding the diamond order numbers to each of the selected books so it will make things a bit easier for you guys when you order stuff from your local LCS. Ok, here are some of the books to be on the lookout for in the month of December, the cutoff date to order via Diamond is 10/20, so be sure to order from your LCS so you won’t be left out in the dark when these books get released. So let’s get started:


Manufacturer/Publisher: Image (Release Date: 12/9/2015)

(W) Ed Brisson (A/CA) Adam Gorham
From ED BRISSON (SHELTERED) and ADAM GORHAM (Dead Drop) comes an all-new, ongoing series. Meet Mason, an ex-con and former drug addict who’s trying hard to give up his old life. He’s got more important things to live for now: a wife struggling to contain her own addiction and a young daughter who needs them both. When threatened with losing his daughter, Mason falls into old habits, stumbling through a string of desperate criminal acts whose repercussions quickly become deadly serious.
Item #: 1487827 • Diamond code: OCT150505

Why I like it: Dark and Gritty tales of real life always catch my eye and make for good books,Ed Brisson is a heck of a writer I loved his stuff with Sheltered and it’s a new #1 from Image


Manufacturer/Publisher: After-Shock Comics (Release Date: 12/9/2015)
(W) Marguerite Bennett (A/CA) Ariela Kristantina
At the dusk of a century, a pair of vengeful Victorian vixens discover a horrifying power that transforms them into rich and strange new creatures. Armed with their dark, evolving forms, they descend into a world of the cultured and occult, with new senses and new sensuality, to forge a life for themselves and the child of their love. This new monthly series is the brainchild of writer Marguerite Bennett (A-Force,
Angela, Red Sonja) and artist Ariela Kristantina (Wolverines, Deep State), a comic unlike any you’ve seen before!
Item #: 1488122 • Diamond code: OCT151051

WHY I LKE IT: After Shock Comics is one of those companies that I’m predicting big things from in 2016, should be a small print run on these

super zero

After-Shock Comics
Release: 12/16/2015
Writer: Amanda Conner
Artist: Rafael de Latorre
“(W) Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti (A) Rafael de Latorre (CA) Amanda Conner
With great power comes a bit of insanity, anxiety, and a dash of social alienation! Have you ever fantasized about being a super hero? Well Dru Dragowski does; that’s all this nineteen-year-old, comic book obsessed, high school senior thinks about. She needs to escape the normalcy of suburban life! Her plan? To become a real-life superhero by recreating the origins of her favorite comic characters! Hopefully then, she can become a hero not only for herself – but to protect everyone around her! If only that plan went just the slightest bit right… This fun, teen-angst filled monthly series is created by the sensational writing duo that brings you Harley Quinn and Starfire – Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner.”
Item #: 1488237 • Diamond code: OCT151053 • UPC: 66257827194900111

Why I like it: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, once you have a successful paring between 2 people magic will happen, curious to see how they do with the new female character, this definitely one to watch

Manufacturer/Publisher: BOOM! Studios (Release Date: 12/9/2015)
(W) Ollie Masters (A/CA) Tyler Jenkins
What’s to Love: With books like Hit and Day Men in our library, you can tell we absolutely love noir stories, and the more unconventional, the better! Critically acclaimed writer Ollie Masters (The Kitchen) and artist Tyler Jenkins (Peter Panzer Faust) have crafted a tense noir story in the tradition of Criminal, Scalped, and 100 Bullets, set in the bleak, snow-covered landscape of Alaska, a perfect setting to highlight the cold nature of crime. What It Is: What happens when you discover your dad isn’t the man you thought he was? For high school teen Teddy, life in a sleepy suburb in Alaska turns upside-down when he innocently posts a photo of his dad on Facebook, only to learn he and his family are in the Witness Protection Program. A man seeking revenge invades their town, and soon FBI agents arrive, too. But what if his dad’s reasons for going into the program aren’t as innocent as he says?
Item #: 1488212 • Diamond code: OCT151191 • UPC: 84428400514200111

Why I like it: Seems like an action packed book, loved the book The Kitchen and the Art in Peter Panzerfaust, this could defiantly see a media deal in the future

Manufacturer/Publisher: Chapter House Publishing (Release Date: 12/2/2015)
Writer/Artist: Rossi Gifford

(W/A/CA) Rossi Gifford
Scottish-born Rossi Gifford’s quarterly debut has been hailed as ‘a beautifully rendered surreal adventure’ by Ramon Perez, and a ‘dynamic and involving with a gorgeous color palette’ by Dave Gibbons. Freya, an albino deer girl training to be a shaman, sets off to the mystical forest to find out what is causing an imbalance. Along the journey, she meets a wolf boy looking for the same entity, and they agree to find it together. Both are determined to pursue this force and prove they are capable on their own – but how do you stop a demon?
Item #: 1488220 • Diamond code: OCT151295 •

WHY I Like it: Beautifully drawn book, sounds like great fantasy story telling

Manufacturer/Publisher: Creature Entertainment (Release Date: 12/16/2015)
Writer/Artist: Jayro Lantigua
(W/A/CA) Jayro Lantigua
A Dog chooses to commit suicide and tries to find a creative way to die. Along the way he encounters obstacles which will further nurture his existential crisis. His quest for death will only lead to an encounter with the ‘Dark Master,’ which will shake him and the ‘Alley’ to the core. Death, laughs and debauchery, along with parents dumping on kids dreams, are all in this gut-busting issue of Burnt Comix!
Item #: 1488003 • Diamond code: OCT151309

Why I like it: The Latest offering from our good friends at Creature Entertainment. They been on a roll lately

the troop

(W) Noel Clarke (A/CA) Joshua Cascara
Across the planet and unknown to each other, a group of troubled teenagers led lives of quiet desperation. But hell is about to befall them and they find their lives destroyed when they are targeted by dark forces. On the run, they discover they have unbelievable powers and must come together – as The Troop!
Item #: 1488239 • Diamond code: OCT151685 • UPC: 07447068109000121

Titan Comics
Release: 11/18/2015
Start your training as a Jedi Knight and revisit where the whole saga began in the new Star Wars Jedi Master Magazine! Packed with fascinating features, fact files, character biographies and puzzles, each issue prepares Padawans for the journey ahead by teaching them about the exciting planets, battles, species, and important warriors pivotal in Jedi history in the run-up to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Why I like it: This is an interesting thing here, a star wars kids book not released by Marvel/Disney, keep your eyes and ears out with this

After-Shock Comics
“(W) Garth Ennis (A) Simon Coleby (CA) Francesco Francavilla
Inspired by true events, Dreaming Eagles tells the story of the first African American fighter pilots to join the United States Army Air Force in WWII and whose humble beginnings in Tuskegee, Alabama propelled them into the deadly skies above Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. Not only were they instrumental against the Nazi war machine, but also braved an equally great challenge, overcoming everyday bigotry amongst their fellow American soldiers as well as civilians at home. High in the heavens, they fought a battle that would change their country and their world forever. Industry legend Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys, Hellblazer) joins artist Simon Coleby (2000 AD, The Authority) for this high-flying tale of love, war and family.”
Item #: 1488054 • Diamond code: OCT151055

Why I Like it: Looks like another hit from After-shock comic’s. The Tuskegee Airmen, for me, is a great subject. I’m happy to see a story about them in a comic. This is one of my picks of the month

street fighter unlimited

(W) Ken Siu-Chong, Jim Zub (A) Joe Ng, Edwin Huang (CA) Genzoman
Street Fighter monthly comics are back! Gearing up for the release of Street Fighter V in 2016, UDON launches an all-new monthly comic book series that will pack in more adrenaline, more battles, and more characters than ever before! A new era for the undisputed king of fighting games begins here!
Item #: 1488233 • Diamond code: OCT151710 • UPC: 85534800101701011

Why I like it: DC’s Mortal Kombat had an immediate spike in price, I can see these issues of a classic video game doing the same

This concludes this edition of Big Gems Small press…If I miss something or find out about something I’ll add it…Thank you guys so much for reading

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