DrunkWooky’s Salt Lake Comic Con Wrap Up: Day Three

Hey, CHU! Sorry for the delay, but I’m back from Salt Lake Comic Con and ready to give the final run down.

Saturday was mostly about back issue hunting. We’ll get to that in a second, though. First, I want to let everybody know that the Nerd Store in Salt Lake City, Utah, were kind enough to sponsor a Free Comic Wednesday for CHU from the SLCC floor!

Keep an eye out in the next couple weeks for a Free Comic Wednesday featuring the Nerd Store’s exclusive Book of Death #1 variant! We’ll have two winners for this giveaway, so thanks to the Nerd Store for their generosity!

Ok, on to the show floor!

First of all, there was some pretty awesome cosplay going on. I’m not a cosplayer, but I recognize brilliance when it’s in front of me. With First Order stormtroopers, A frighteningly convincing Palpatine, and Kylon Ren the Force was definitely strong with the cosplayers this year. Who can ignore the minion cosplayers keeping it real for the kiddos, too?

Funko’s Pop Life Tour was at Salt Lake Comic Con, like I mentioned in my day one update. They had a Salt Lake Comic Con exclusive orange fade C-3PO Hikari and Anthony Daniels stopped by at one point on Friday to sign their monstrous size C-3PO out front! On Saturday Funko announced their second Salt Lake Comic Con exclusive, “Cosmic Powers Bossk.” These were limited to 600, whereas C-3PO was limited to 750. Both C-3PO and Bossk were available to die-hard Funko fans for $80.00 a POP! (see what I did there!?)

Jenny Parks, the cat illustrator, was there peddling her cat-daptions of comic book characters in magnet, postcard, button and myriad other formats. My wife and I recently rescued a second cat who happens to look exactly like Jenny’s “Cat Solo”, so i picked that up and had her sign my Wovlerine and the X-Men #1 which happens to look exactly like our first cat! CATS!

I had Utah local, and Archie Comics artist, Bill Galvan sketch me a Thanos, and took a look at his exclusive Jason Berry’s cereal box. Bill only printed 15 copies of these and they sold out. I Bill’s such a nice guy, though that if you showed interest, I bet he’d print you one.

All in all, a good Con! If you read my Day Three Wrap Up, you know I think we need more comic-centric features at SLCC, including more comic creators. However, as a man who took advantage of everything comic book related at Salt Lake Comic Con, I see improvement.

Thanks for reading, CHU! That’s it from DrunkWooky for now! Keep your eyes peeled for that Book of Death Raffle from The Nerd Store!

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