Agent Poyo’s Picks of the Week for Delivery 9/30/15

Another small week for myself and last week I managed to only go $10 over my budget. I know what your thinking, why is Poyo on a budget? Well, I’ve just been buying too much that I intend to sell but then never sell cause I end up liking the comics too much. So I’m trying to cut back some, the piles of comics are getting hard to manage and quite frankly, my policy of reading everything I buy is getting even harder to manage.

Regardless of my own buying habits, I’ll still spread the love of what I think is a hit, a spec or maybe just a good read. So let’s get on with the picks shall we.

The Indie + Spec of the week:

The Chair One Shot Blank Variant (Alterna Comics) – It’s already going to be a movie that is slated for release early next year so yeah, people who end up liking the movie will likely seek this out when they realize of it’s existence. Already sold out at some online shops, expect really low print runs to help with that value if the demand is there.

The Kid Pick of the Week:

Amazing World of Gumball 2015 Grab Bag #1 (Boom!) – My kids watch this show religiously now. You can barely find it’s back issues for sale due to lower print runs. So yeah, I’m picking up this quirky comic for the kids and you should probably pick one up to keep away from the kids, cause you know what happens with kids comics that kids read right? Low print + low NM/M condition = good money to collectors later on down the road.

It’s not a #1 pick of the week:

Godzilla in Hell #3 (IDW) – Yeah, it’s a number 3 and yes, #1 and #2 have both gone back for 2nd prints. Great artwork that tells a great story. I’m digging this mini-series and so is my 9 year old so don’t miss out if you love this classic giant monster.

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