Mel’s Variant Picks of the Week

What’s Up CHU, Mel V. back at it again after a little rest from my Baltimore trip, fresh with a few new variants for the week.
Remember, some variants go up, some go down, but as long as you are buying art you like you cannot go wrong.


First up, Grimm Fairy Tales Halloween Special 2015. I love a good homage cover and this Silence of the Lambs Homage cover is awesome. This is a B cover so it will not cost you more than cover price. But this is just the kind of cover to jump start the upcoming Halloween season.


Speaking of Homages, these two Crossed books come out this week:


Crossed +100 #9 Horrific Homage Variant


Crossed +100 #9 Horrific Homage Variant

Just great send ups to some classic covers.


While Star Trek is not my thing, this Star Trek Ongoing #50 Artist Edition Variant looks amazing, gives you a behind the scenes look at the cover process.

My go to book of the week is the Amazing World Of Gumball Grab Bag Special 1:15 Variant. I just love this cover.

That’s it for me this week.

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