BLINDBOX Subscription Box Funded, Moves to Stretch Goals

Blindbox, the new comic and variant subscription service from our friend Court Gebeau at has successfully funded their initial Kickstarter goal of $8,000 (sitting at $9,220 at time of posting) and now has opened up some Stretch Goals. If you are unfamiliar with Stretch Goals for Kickstarters, these are bonuses sent to all funders at incremental levels. Check them out after the jump.

Be sure to check out the Blindbox Kickstarter page for funding options.

First of all, we want to thank you so much for your support! Fully funded in five days! We’ve been working so hard on putting Blindbox together for you and we are excited that you are so excited about it! That leads us to the next thing: STRETCH GOALS!

Now that we’ve reached our first goal, what’s next?

$12,000 – SIGNED PRINTS (v1)! If we reach $12,000 all tiers $20 and above will receive a set of 7×10 color prints of our Enormous variant cover art, signed by writer Tim Daniel! These prints will be strictly limited to the number of qualifying Kickstarter pledges received, and will be numbered as such.

$15,000 – SIGNED PRINTS (v2)! We will then take those limited edition prints and send them off to Morocco to be signed by Enormous artist Mehdi Cheggour also before sending them to you!

$18,000 – MARVEL VARIANT! We are already working on including an exclusive Marvel Blindvariant by Box 6. If we reach this, we will work on expediting it for release by Box 3!


We also wanted to show you that the Enormous variants have arrived and are ready to be packed up so they can ship to you in early November once the Kickstarter campaign is over!


Tyler Jenkins Variant

Artyom Trakhanov Variant

Blindbox Kickstarter page

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