One to Watch: Survivors Club

October is here! That means the Halloween season is upon us. My favorite time of the year. Need to get the decorations out and start setting up my Yard Haunt (includes me dressed as a scary scare crow to scare the crap out of some of the kids.) Anyway, it is also time to focus on horror books as this is an excellent time of the year to sell horror back issues (really is.) Mel shot me a text about this one and I instantly fell in love. Survivors Club is out next week and should be worth the check out. Survivors-Club-Cv1-SDCC-fd853-666x1024

I really do not know how I missed this one. The premise of Survivors Club is “What if all the 80’s horror movies were real, where would the characters be now.”
My love of horror stems right from the 80’s and has grown ever since, but I still have a bloody soft spot in my heart for the movies of the time period.

Survivors’ Club is the story of the boy from the haunted house, the girl with the killer doll, the kid with the man-eating neighbour, the Japanese schoolgirl with a horrible secret, the little boy with the terrifying imaginary friend, the girl who played the arcade game that opened a portal to hell. But with some fresh and horrible twists on all of them.
Now they’re all grown up, drawn together by mysterious phenomena that suggests it might all be happening again.
And what if they’re not survivors? What if they’re… the Chosen Ones?

Survivors Club is by Lauren Beukes, Ryan Kelly, and Bill Sienkiewicz, from Vertigo Comics. It is out October 7th and should not be missed by the horror fan.


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