Can’t Make it to NYCC? ComicXposure has you covered

It is hard to make it out to all the cons and get all the variants and exclusives being offered. ComicXposure is making their variants available before the show. Check them out below:

From ComicXposure:

If you can’t make it to NYCC, ComicXposure has you covered.

Available for pre-order are not only ComicXposure’s Exclusives but we have Dc Comics Exclusives

and In your dreams Collectables

More to follow during the week….

(click for larger views)

You can check these out and more at







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      1. I always think if there is a variant for a #45 of something or 44 I would think there is some kind of reveal. I don’t know though and figure I am usually wrong? Any thoughts from anyone?

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