Variant Envy: Grumpy Cat #1 Third Eye Action Figure Variant

Ok, this one just cracks me up. Third Eye Comics is my local comic shop and they have some great variants. When Steve told me about this one I was unsure. The one I am talking about is the Grumpy Cat #1 Third Eye Action Figure Variant. Grumpy Cat, is the internet meme of the very unhappy cat that has ended up with millions of views. He is getting his own comic.

Part of the charm of this one is the ridiculousness of it. I love it. Super Grumpy Cat!

grumpy cat

5 thoughts on “Variant Envy: Grumpy Cat #1 Third Eye Action Figure Variant”

  1. Very funny but I don’t think I’m gonna go paying extra on any variants for this one. I am however picking up some copies, few for kids and mother in-law loves Grumpy Cat so gonna pick one up for her.

  2. Just curious, is this the book prophecy claims will bring about the end of days or am I getting that mixed up with something else?

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