Agent Poyo’s Picks of the Week for delivery 10/7/15

Wednesday, the best day of the week and this Wednesday is a big release day. Several new reboots in the Marvel Universe along with a new Dr. Strange ongoing from one of my favorite writers, Jason Aaron. I’ve also been fortunate to have smaller pickup weeks the past few weeks but this week, my budget is gonna get blown out so honestly, I have no budget for this week.

Let’s get on with the picks shall we…

The let’s just lump them all together picks:

Marvel’s #1’s – Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers (it’s a #0 but we’ll throw it in there anyway), Invincible Iron Man, Contest of Champions, Marvel Point One, and Dr. Strange, with some What If’s as well. Lots of new Vol #1’s, pick your favorite, find the variants for cheap, have fun. And let the haters hate on the reboots. Feel free to rant a little bit, vent out your frustration, tell us why you hate Marvel and swear you never buy them but yet you secretly do from time to time.. it’s all good!

The Poyo Cheap Variant Pick of the Week goes to:

Action Comics #45 (DC) – The monsters variant cover by Dave Johnson. Classic classic cover from the old movies and TV shows. Very very cool cover.

The your not gonna read it but gonna likely pick it up anyways pick goes to:

Grumpy Cat #1 (Dynamite) – Yes, he’s famous for being a grumpy looking cat. The cat has no idea how many people love him, because well, he’s just a cat. Regardless, there are fans out there and yes, they will be seeking this out when they hear the news. Even my mother in law loves Grumpy Cat and has already asked that I pick her up a copy. Might be an easy flip because people who don’t collect comics might be out at the comic book store looking for this because of this internet sensation.

The epic conclusion story line pick of the week:

TMNT #50 (IDW) – An epic battle with shredder “that will determine the fate of NYC, and the world, for years to come!”

The pick up more than one copy and hold for a while before selling pick of the week:

Paper Girls #1 (Image) – It’s an Image #1. It’s BKV. It’s ongoing. Small print run, big print run.. regardless of how many extra copies Image prints, we’ll see a 2nd print, maybe a 3rd. BKV never lets his readers down with quality story and art. Pick it up, buy several to hold, could easily be a nice flip profit weeks, months or years from now.

The indie pick of the week:

Famous Monsters presents Project Nemesis #1 (American Gothic Press) – “Jon Hudson thinks he’s hunting for Bigfoot when Sheriff Ashley Collins knocks on his cabin door with complaints. But a joint expedition finds them on the verge of uncovering a government experiment so massive it could threaten the world… and prove that kaiju are more than Japanese fairy tales.” I’m willing to bet Tony will be mentioning this one as well, certainly right up his alley.

That’s it, tells us what your picking up, dropping.. or even hating (Marvel, Tony’s horrible iPhone typos, anything) here or in the Wednesday Forum.

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    1. I finally read 1-3 and I’m loving it, very Kirbyish Psychedelic art with fun story so far. It was slim pickings at the shops this morning. One didn’t even get any.

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