Amazing Spider-Man #1 Spoilers

If you were on the fence about getting Amazing Spider-Man #1 or just wanted to see what is new, well here is your chance. This post contains heavy spoilers so be warned.


Can’t tell you this enough, there are spoilers ahead.

Ok still here, well here you go.

First up, and the biggest to me, is that in Amazing Spider-Man #1 there are two Spider-men in the new suits, one is African American.

No, it is not Miles Morales but Hobie Brown AKA The Prowler. Hobie first appears in Amazing Spider-man #78

(Click for larger view)


Hobie has new webs!


Also new, Doc Ock is back and now is a robot!


And finally, The Spider-buggy aka Spidey-Mobile is back


Peter Parker is enjoying his new life.


7 thoughts on “Amazing Spider-Man #1 Spoilers”

    1. It’s very similar to the Christopher Nolan bat mobile.
      It also transforms (kind of) to have Walking spider legs. It was actually kind of neat.

  1. It’s actually really good and it all makes sense.
    The scene with the alternate webbing it’s Peter in the suit.
    He uses hobie to be seen at the same time as spider, a la ‘a poor man’s Tony stark’
    Really excited for this new direction and the return of Otto!

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