Hoknes Comics Hot Three For The Week Of 10/7/15

From Terry Hoknes at www.hoknescomics.com

Each week I make predictions of the Big 3 best potential investment comics to pick to help other speculators.

#1 Captain Canuck #4 Fiona Staples 1:10 Variant

Sold out in advance of release – super small print run most retailers do not carry this series. Print run is likely only 100 copies !

#2 Space Riders #4 – final issue of this super popular new mini-series from Black Mask Comics. First 3 issues sold out and shot up in value so good odds on this one.

#3 Doctor Strange #1 Hip Hop Variant. Marvel begins relaunching all their series this week and begins the first of 52 different hip hop rap album homag covers – retailers didnt all qualify for these so prices are instantly marked up.

You can check out this weeks BIG THREE as well as past weeks at Terry Hoknes’ website

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find a list of all the marvel hip-hop covers that also shows what each album is an homage to? I found one list online, but it only has 27 of the covers so far.

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