Mel V’s NYCC preview, Day 0

Mel V. hit the floor of NYCC early, today, the day before it opened. Here is what he saw.


What’s up CHU, Mel here with a ..I don’t know what to call it..let’s call it a Day 0 NYCC write up.

First off I would like to thank Anthony for this fantastic opportunity to write about these great books I come across. Second big epic super shout out to John and Juan from Creature Entertainment who had called me and and told me to come on down to the Javits center a day before the con, I was speechless so I called up Uber and took the ride.


As soon as I got there and saw the Con floor being worked on it was very surreal, and it seemed like I had the floor to myself.

The talk of the con floor was that there were no shortage of stores that did not receive any Iron Man Hip Hop Variant. I believe these will be rare like the Han Solo variants for Star Wars, and a lot of stores and dealers did not meet the requirements to be eligible to receive them.

Walking through the floor, I really took appreciation for the hard work it takes in getting the booths together, that really stood out. I previewed some variants from Dynamite. I like the look of the Bob's Burger NYCC variant and the Fight Club Variant, it will be hot.

Unstoppable comics and Kechal comics hooked me up with some great books. Tart looks amazing from Kechal and I am gonna give a review in a bit. Also, a hilarious book called Underwars which said it is a cross between Tick and TMNT. Unstoppable comics gave me a nice zombie book called New York Vs the World, which is a nice black and white dark comic and the interior art looks great. Full reviews of all books coming soon.

I met Ashley Woods artist of Niobe and new Marvel artist who is an awesome, awesome, person. We hung out most of the pre con, I have info I can’t tell ya, but as I said before stock up on Niobe books. The Funko line will be very very strict. Finally, the black and white Tokyo Ghost variant will be hot at the con.









Also had a chance to meet the legend, Neal Adams!

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    1. Lets change rare to hard to find…Larry had 1200 of em ..but alot of other dealers didnt bother to reach the requirements to get them .

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