NYCC Wrap up Day 2

What another crazy money hemorrhaging day at NYCC.

First up for me was sitting down at GEMR and playing the super rare game “Nintendo Championship 1990”. Only 150 of these in existence. Will have the video up for that shortly


Also got to finally meet Tim Daniel, writer of Enormous! Was so excited, got the remaining 9 copies of my blank variant signed and put them up for sale, I have a couple of graded ones and framed ones so it was time to let the rest go with something a little more special. Also got the limited to 40 pieces Enormous Newspaper, plus an Enormous Print and a Curse Print from Michael Moreci.

The highlight of the day for me was sitting in on an art lesson with Todd McFarlane and walking away with a very special original piece of Todd McFarlane art.

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  1. I think his signature is worth more then the sketch lol. Ether way I would of love to have it too lol. Your a lucky man Tony!!

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