NYCC 2015: Interview with Outcast’s Paul Azaceta

Thanks to STEVEN BISCOTTI at Whatchareading for the interview.

Friday, during a busy afternoon at New York Comic Con, What’cha Reading had the opportunity to speak with Paul Azaceta, the popular artist behind the unsettling visuals of Robert Kirkman’s latest title – Outcast. The already year old comic by Skybound and Image is soon to be a television series on Cinemax; its only added to the intensity of fandom that the New Jersey based and Cadence Comic Art represented artist has encountered. So, on this crowded and more attended than SDCC event, we found Paul Azaceta at the Skybound booth and spoke to him about everything from his experience at this year’s New York Comic Con, to the visual development and approach to his work, and just how you could obtain one of his original pieces of art. Continue reading “NYCC 2015: Interview with Outcast’s Paul Azaceta”

NYCC (ReedPop) Auctioning off Marvel Super Hero Inspired FDNY Helmets

In celebration of the FDNY’s 150th anniversary, the FDNY Foundation and ReedPOP have partnered with Marvel on these unique FDNY Fire and EMS helmet designs exemplifying and honoring the values of New York City’s true heroes. We had a display in NYCC Artist Alley featuring all the helmets throughout the weekend and are auctioning off these remaining helmets via our ReedPOP Supply Co. eBay account. Continue reading “NYCC (ReedPop) Auctioning off Marvel Super Hero Inspired FDNY Helmets”

Mel’s New York Comic Con Wrap Up

WHAT UP CHU? AND WHEW WHAT A WEEKEND! I Had a legendary time at New York Comic Con. There was so much to see and do, I think that it is impossible for anyone to experience all that it has to offer in 4 days.
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Supermansion Panel and Trailer NYCC 2015

The creators and cast of SuperMansion made quite the impression at New York Comic Con on Sunday discussing the new stop-motion animated comedy available exclusively on Crackle. The panel, featuring Writer/Creator Zeb Wells, Executive Producers Seth Green and Bryan Cranston, and voice actor Tom Root, included the debut of the show’s trailer, an audience Q+A, and a precious moment between Cranston and Green.
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X-Files Trailer airs


A visually striking X-Files Trailer aired during Gotham. The two night series premiere is still a few months away (January 24 and 25 2016), but as an old fan of the original show (and even the movie) I am looking forward to it.

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Todd McFarlane Live Draws Batman at NYCC 2015

One of the coolest things for me coming out of New York Comic Con this year was hanging out in the McFarlane booth when Todd would stop by. He is really a man of the people and likes to pop in the booth unannounced for things. He stopped in on Saturday to do drawing tutorials. This is where I ended up with this awesome piece of original McFarlane art:


Here he teaches how to draw Batman The Todd McFarlane way, he makes it look so easy:
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NYCC day four: Instagram arguement nearly leads to fistfight at Toy Tokyo booth. 

  Apparently, feelings get hurt on Instagram all the time. But when it comes to two staffers from different booths at NYCC, seeing what one another is saying, can lead to violence.  Continue reading “NYCC day four: Instagram arguement nearly leads to fistfight at Toy Tokyo booth. “

Friday Cosplay round up

So far the cosplay has been incredible. Almost had the banned Batgirl cover re-enacted. Check them out after the bump. Continue reading “Friday Cosplay round up”

NYCC Day one

What a whirlwind of a day. Got up at 5:00 showered, and hit the highway. The normal three hour trip took about five putting us a little late for the show. I finally met up with Mel V. at the show and got to meet reader Beau (aka Minty Man Cave Comics). We got to talk for a little bit but it was time to hit the con floors.

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