Agent Poyo’s picks of the week for delivery 10/21/15

Last week I spent way too much money. The winner was Straightjacket #1 from Amigo Press which I almost picked but I knew Anthony was going to pick it due to his love of horror. On a side note, Straightjacket #2 is already selling for $12. So what’s it going to be this week? Which one is the winner? That’s the sheer fun of spec’ing, you never know and it can be the one you never thought was going to be in high demand.

Just as a side note, my picks are not always spec picks, sometimes they’re just picks of what I think is going to be a great book to read with great art, etc.

Also, I’m gonna do something new starting this week, I’m going to start doing a DC and Marvel pick of the week, yeah, the big two. Since I tend to focus more on the independents (I love me some independent comics), figured I’d try to spread the love a little.

So let’s get on with it shall we.

My spec pick this week is:

Sunflower #1 (451 Media) – Husband and daughter murdered, only to find out 10 years later her daughter could be alive. Murder mystery, yes please. It’s already selling out online, expect small print runs. Sounds like a perfect movie plot.. so yeah, gamble and take a chance on this indie possible hit, if you can find it.

The 80s were awesome pick:

Back To The Future #1 (IDW) – Where’s my hover board and flying cars dammit? This week marks the week that Marty and Doc came back to the future and almost screwed it all up. One of the top movies I loved growing up, back in comic form. Be sure to try and nab the Dan Schoening Artists Incentive variant.. just a sweet cover of the classic space alien scene from the first movie.

The Marvel Pick of the Week:

Karnak #1 (Marvel) – An InHuman, but never exposed to the Terrigen Mists so he never developed a super power like most InHumans.. but a martial artist who finds the flaw in anything, might be a great read if done right. It does have Warren Ellis writing so that’s a plus.

The DC pick of the week:

Justice League #45 (DC) – The aftermath of the Darkseid Wars (Which by the was was an awesome read) so it continues, with these already god like people with now actual gained god like powers.. can Wonder Woman stop them before it gets out of control?

The other mentions of the week are:

Godzilla in Hell #4, just a great series so far with great art. These have been selling out and going for 2nd prints, so grab’em while you can, they go fast. Also let’s not forget Beauty #3, which has been excellent as well with it’s first two issues. Tokyo Ghost #2 comes out as well, another fantastic 1st issue so I expect more great things in #2.

12 thoughts on “Agent Poyo’s picks of the week for delivery 10/21/15”

    1. I hope so as well on Sunflower. Might grab two if I can. I was going to grab two Straitjackets last week but since one shop didn’t have any and the other had around 5 total, figured I’d be fair on the first day.

        1. Sunflower seemed to be a little more plentiful today, so I nabbed 2 at one shop and 1 at another. Small gamble I think, art looked cool.

                1. I always try to read most of my ongoing titles first, then any new books come after. I’m reading so much, hard to keep up at times which is why I’ve been slimming down my pickups but these past few weeks have been killing me. I have issues, comic book addiction issues.

                2. I usually don’t fall behind but I am at the moment. I’ve been looking for books to cut so I understand how you feel. So often these days it takes me a couple of pages before I can remember where the story is picking up from. I wish more books included a recap from the last issue.

  1. How is it possible that Karnak never underwent Terrigenesis? Was this ever mentioned in the past? I don’t remember ever reading that, and find it implausible that a member of the Inhuman Royal Family wouldn’t have been exposed to the Terrigen Mists, when that is a Rite Of Passage for their people, and an integral part of their societal norms. Before the Terrigen Bomb, anyhow.

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