Mel’s Variant Picks of the Week for 10/21/15

What’s up Chu? Still recovering these old knees from the walk at NYCC. Some great variants this week. Things to really look forward too. Remember, variants go up, variants go down, but as long as you are buying art you like you can never go wrong.

So have to drop the expensive one first:

inhumans ari

Uncanny Inhumans #1 Ari Granov Variant. With risk comes reward. This one has it both. Great cover, desirable art. They are selling at Midtown for $22 but you can find Uncanny Inhumans #1 Ari Granov Variant on eBay for as little as $8.99.

With Back to the Future back, it’s 80’s week all over again. Here is a blast from the past


This is a cheap one. Copies of Trancers #1 Conner Variant on eBay for $5.99. Love the old Full Moon Studios movies so these comics are pure nostalgia.

Finally, and speaking of Back to the Future.


Available at J. Scott Campbell’s Website for $25, they are already listed and sold on eBay for $40-50.

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      1. Ok thanks for the quick reply. I’m gonna go ahead with it. Just one more question if u don’t mind. Best to get em graded if an autograph is on them? Only curious because I bought a saga 1 signed by staples already graded but have yet to get any ungraded signed books.

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