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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 54th edition of the open forum!

What are your pick ups?
What about back issue raids?
What was sold out at your store?
What was sitting one the shelves in piles?

Or anything else you want to talk about, here is where to do it!

22 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. My pickups:

    Justice League #45 – Darkseid Wars, good stuff.
    Back to the Future #1 – I grew up in the 80s, of course I’m picking this up.
    Godzilla in Hell #4 – Great art.
    Beauty #3 – Very interesting read for sure.
    Fade Out #10 – Brubaker, of course I’m picking this up.
    Tokyo Ghost #2 – #1 was great, gotta see where this is going.
    Tithe #6 – Not sure how much longer I’m going to last, first arc was great, not sure how I feel about the start of the second arc.
    ASM #2 – I still haven’t read #1
    Ant-Man #1 – I hope it’s like the last series.
    Darth Vader #11 – My favorite Star Wars character, not gonna miss it.
    Iron Man #2 – #1 was surprisingly good, wanna see where it’s going.
    Karnak #1 – Gonna check out, hope it’s good.
    Star Wars Shattered Empire #4 – Getting ready for the movie coming up..
    Uncanny Inhumans #1 – Charles Soule is writing, must give it a try.
    Weird World #5 – Plan to binge read, only hear good things about this one.
    Sunflower #1 – My spec of the week.
    Simpsons #224 – Can’t go wrong with the Simpsons. They’re usually my going #2 reading material.
    Hip Hop Family Tree #3 – Still need to read these but I keep buying them, I’m sure I’m going to love them.
    Invader Zim #4 – Kids digging this one. I actually like it too.

  2. 1. Straitjacket #1- from last week-comic is super hot & extremely low print run
    2. Uncanny inhumans granov variant- beautiful cover
    3. Sunflower #1- another Indy hit- looks to be difficult to find
    4. Justice league #45
    5. Back to the future #1- nostalgic
    6. Karnak #1- cover looks great. Hope the story is good

  3. This week’s picks are;

    Beauty #3 (good read so far)
    Shattered empire #4
    Teen titans go! #12 ( for my boys)
    Batman animated series : Batmobile ( for the wife)

    I am going to pass on the back to the future book. I wasn’t to big on the movie. The only reason why I watched them was because of the DeLorean. One of the best cars out there. The doors is what I liked about the car. The whole story was ehh to me. But the CAR is what attracted me to watch them lol.

  4. I’m excited about the Killen’s variant of Back to the Future! Also getting Beauty #3, Shutter and the autographed Paper Girls from Midtown – light week for me. Might get a couple blank cover Back to the Future copies too…

  5. Sunflower #1 x2
    Sunflower #1 (FP Variant)
    Clean Room #1
    Journey To Star Wars FASE #4

    Small week…great time to pre-order and back order!

  6. Sunflower #1
    Back to the Future #1
    1872 #4
    The Amazing Spider-Man #2
    The Astonishing Ant-Man #1
    Invincible Iron Man #2
    Karnak #1
    Darth Vader #11
    Shattered Empire #4
    Tokyo Ghost #2
    Uncanny Inhumans #1
    Weirdworld #5
    What If? Infinity: Guardians of the Galaxy #1-So far, these have been hit and miss. WI Thanos was meh. WI Inhumans was awesome.
    Wolf #4- I am thurely loving thith theries.

  7. Weirdworld #5 (probably my favorite Secret Wars book)
    Darth Vader #11
    Justice League #45
    Book of Death: Fall of X-o Manowar
    Shattered Empire #4
    Invader Zim #4
    Batman and Robin Eternal #3
    Karnak #1

  8. 1. Clean Room #1 I love this premise. Kind of sounds a little bit like Scientology.
    2. The Fade Out #10: My favorite series!
    3. Sunflower #1: Murder…Mystery…Yes please.
    4. The Tithe #6: I’ve been enjoying this series. I love the way they handle the religious themes.
    5. Star Wars Shattered Empire: I’m dropping all of the Star Wars titles after this issue. I’ve been enjoying the main Star Wars title but I’m not a fan of crossovers so I’m getting out now.

  9. Usagi Yojimbo 149 (Stan Sakai just got remarried this week after his first wife passed away)
    Tokyo Ghost 2 (I enjoyed the first issue)
    Invader Zim 4 (fills the hole left by no more Samurai Jack)
    Giant Days 7 (Boom! series that reads like Lumberjanes in college. I enjoy the story; my daughter enjoys the art. Pre-Boom! issues are still available at the author’s Scary Go Round website and at TopatoCo. The author states that he has very few first printings still available, so I don’t know if the ones at TopatoCo are first printing or not. I am taking the gamble.)

    Shutter (As much as I want to like this, it is too slow of a burn for me. I do have a sketch cover from Leila Del Duca. She employees a strategy that I have been seeing more frequently: charge a small fee ($10) for a sketch if you get it personalized, charge a much higher fee if you don’t get it personalized.)

    1. I’m surprised you lasted that long with Shutter. I was actually surprised it’s still ongoing. I dropped it after issue 2.. just wasn’t my type of story.

        1. Yeah, when I get really far behind on something, I stop buying cause I’d hate to end up buying issues I’m not going to even like.

    2. Found only one copy of Sunflower 1. There were two, but someone found them at the same time I did so we each walked away with one. Also picked up The Boys 1 and Voice in the Dark 1.

  10. light week for me, and all marvel

    1. 1872 #4 (I started reading this series because Axel Alonso said Red Wolf would be a big part of the post Secret Wars universe, and to keep an eye on the 1872 series. The series has been fine, but I probably wouldn’t have spent $16 on it had it not been for his comments. I don’t really know much about this character, and I don’t know why he and his upcoming solo series intrigues me so much, but it does. He hasn’t really done anything in the series so far, so I’m hoping we find out a little more in this series finale.)
    2. Astonishing Ant-Man #1 (Loved the previous volume. Same writer and artist. All good.)
    3. Invincible Iron Man #2 (Enjoyed the first issue. Hopefully it continues.)
    4. Amazing Spider-Man #2 (Dan Slott on Spider-Man has my unwavering loyalty.)
    5. Uncanny Inhumans #1 (Black Bolt and Medusa are really the only Inhumans that interest me, so this will definitely be the series I pick up, as opposed to All New All Different Inhumans)

    And I mentioned it last week, but Ive started reading Spawn from the beginning (all the early issues are very cheap and very easy to find). I have to say, I have really been enjoying it. Its fun to read older comics and see what the comic world was like over 20 years ago. Gonna look for back issues starting at #11.

    1. Also, I’m dropping the Justice League. Darseid war interested me at first, but it is getting sooo over the top now. I understand Justice League isn’t Ant-Man or Hawkeye, but come on.

      1. Haha, I guess I anticipate over the top with DC. Marvel I like because it’s a little more realistic (which is why I’ll complain about Spider-Man’s vehicle that cannot turn it’s front wheels). DC is just all fantasy to me, they even make up cities so it’s all good for me when it comes to DC stories.

  11. Smaller week this week.
    I got:
    Back to the future
    Justice league
    Darth vader
    Superman/wonder woman
    Uncanny inhumans

    I also picked up a captain cold pop that was on sale

    Tonight am going to back to the future 2 on the big screen 🙂

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