Anakin Skywalker Action Figure variant

Thanks to Gabriel C. for sending this one over. This is the action figure variant to the upcoming so I Wan and Anakin #1. Check it out. 
I like the Phantom Menace logo.

15 thoughts on “Anakin Skywalker Action Figure variant”

  1. The logo is cool on that one, there’s another exclusive figure variant too for Vader Down #1, $20 pre-order from Wonderworld Comics on ebay, it’s a mail away 3-pack figure variant cover.

  2. I am done with the action figure varianst. I just wanted Luke, princess Leia, C3PO, R2D2, and Darth Vader. I wanted Bubba fett but the whole favoritism of the artist’s site, didn’t allow me to get it. Will wait for ebay prices to go down. Good luck to everyone else who is still collecting them.

  3. I was wondering why there hasn’t been a Yoda variant yet but then I realized, perhaps they’re waiting when he gets his own mini-series, which would be way cool.

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