Variant Envy: Vader Down #1 WonderWorld Three Pack Variant

I know people are starting to get tired of the action figure variants, but this is really a cool one. It has been sent over to me by a couple of people and wanted to share (apparently Bleeding Cook also posted it). It is a new JTC design Action figure variant for Star Wars.

star wars 3 pack

Star Wars Vader Down #1 Wonderworld Three Pack Cover on eBay is selling hand over fist. of the 500 copies they put up, 192 are left

10 thoughts on “Variant Envy: Vader Down #1 WonderWorld Three Pack Variant”

    1. for those who collected the original action figures (or who want to but can’t afford it) these are a cool little novelty. i think they’ll look really neat graded and on display together. kind of a comic/memorabilia hybrid. for myself, i don’t really care about any action figure variants except for star wars but these definitely give me a good shot of nostalgia.

  1. I’m done with the figure variants. They took a really good idea with the Star Wars originals and overdid it with sketch variants, con exclusives, Secret Wars, etc etc. How poorly the Boba Fett sells on the secondary market was proof enough for me that the novelty wore off, they jumped the shark, Hannibal has crossed The Alps….

    1. I meant the Boba sketch as the one with no markup value. I did very well with the color ones, granted it was 5 months ago

      1. I refused to buy the black and white variant 2nd print one myself. I knew it would start to bomb out back to more realistic prices after the botch selling of it.

        I bought a colored one after they settled down as well just to keep my Star Wars action figure collection going.

        I’m gonna skip this one though, it doesn’t match my others and I’m sticking to non-store specific variants for my Star Wars action figure collection.

  2. Luke and Vader are still inching up. Luke is a $20 book now and Vader is around $10. Boba Fett (#4 – the color version) is still selling above $40, and Han is $75-90. The others are around cover. I feel good about Stormtrooper inching up eventually. I think that once the movie hits this set will do well for years.

    1. I’ve also been watching them gradually going up and up all year and they still haven’t slowed yet, seems the going prices are higher here in the UK, £25+ for Luke, £15 – £20 for Vader, Boba Fett colour for £55+, Han for around £80, then of course if you increase those numbers by about 50% then you have the USD conversion.

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