Agent Poyo’s Pick of the Week for delivery 10/28/15

I survived the monsoon this past weekend here in Central Texas, so another week of buying comics. Yay, new comic book day is upon us once again.

The DC pick of the week goes to:
Justice League Darkseid War Batman #1 (DC) – Batman, the God of Knowledge. Hmm.. what could possibly go wrong with a man like Batman having even more knowledge?

The Marvel pick of the week goes to:
Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 Del Mundo Kirby Monster Variant (Marvel) – Sweet cover and possibly a more interesting take on another SHIELD book.. they really are pushing these SHIELD books aren’t they? I’m picking this one because I like the purple monster on the cover..  

Indie Pick of the Week: 
Self Storage #1 (451 Media) – From the same publisher that brought us Sunflower last week comes an interesting take on a Storage Wars type scenario where a buyer finds a zombie in one of the units he buys..   

The laugh all you want spec of the week is (I’m serious, it’s already selling out online):
Sesame Street Another Sunny Day #1 (Ape Entertainment) – Yes, I love Sesame Street. My kids loved Sesame Street. Expect low print runs, expect most to get destroyed when the kids get a hold of them. Expect fans to be seeking this one out. Laugh all you want, you’ll thank me later when you have one sitting in pristine condition ready to sell at a nice profit the same day, a week later or months later.

The honorable mention picks:
Black Hood #6 (Dark Circle) – It’s back and I’m excited. 

Wes Cravens Coming of Rage #1 (Liquid Comics) – With the recent passing of Wes Craven, what better way to honor him by picking up his first ever comic book series along with legend Steve Niles. What happens when a vampire, werewolf and zombie enter a bar? Find out by picking this one up.

That’s it folks.. tell us what your picking up, spec’ing or if you want to just chat, post it here or in the Wednesday forum post.

Also, do not forget to check out the Full list of Larime Taylor Charity Auctions I am running to help raise money for Sylv’s chemotherapy.

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    1. I got some more blank sketch variants we can use. I can ask the high bidders for existing ones if they’d want a sketch done.

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