Agent Poyo’s Picks of the Week for delivery 11/18/15

Let’s start off with a shout out to all the real heroes in Paris and Beirut, the police and emergency responders for taking care of the wounded and hopefully preventing more chaos in the recent senseless attacks.

Now on with to our imaginary heroes, our comic book heroes who have taken part of our lives even though they do not exist in real life but keep us entertained.

One of the great heroes of our time is the DC pick of the week:

Batman Europa #1 (DC) – With Jim Lee, probably can’t go wrong with this one. The Lee Bermejo cover is pretty sweet itself.

The Marvel Pick of the week goes to:

Ms Marvel Hip Hop Variant #1 (Marvel) – She has a loyal fan following. The Hip Hop variants have been selling well. Don’t pass this one up, the collectors will gobble them up and then they’ll be hard to find.

Other noteworthy Marvel picks are Mighty Thor #1 (Yes, the reboot but again written by J. Aaron with Jane as the hammer goddess while still battling terminal cancer), Vader Down #1 (It’s Darth Vader and yet another J. Aaron book.. Aaron should just write all Marvel titles at this point) because the last one is Star Wars #12.. these all seem to be going to 2nd or 3rd prints, even the later issues. Collectors are collecting and they’re only bound to go up in value as time passes. Another Marvel #1 debut is Black Knight. If you read the Weird World series and liked it, this one is for you, I’ll be picking it up, I liked Weird World, it was one of the better Secret Wars titles.

There are no words but great story telling art pick:

Godzilla in Hell #5 (IDW) – It keeps going back for 2nd prints. The series has been great so far.

The Indie pick of the week:

Six #1 (451 Media) – Another 451 book. They keep selling out online ahead of release, so far most of the books have been great. So it’s not a bad idea to pick this one up.

Pretty Deadly is back for the second arc with #6. I know this had a fan base but I’ll be skipping for now. I can’t be bothered with the very large gaps in the story, so I’ll likely wait for TPB to be released, reading years from now when they’re all set and done with the complete story.

That’s all I got. Happy New Comic Book Wednesday!

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