Netflix’s Jessica Jones “airs” 11/20/15

The full season to Netflix’s Jessica Jones series hit at midnight last night. Reviews have been positive. Will need to check prices of Alias books to see how they are doing. 

So, has anyone watched it yet? let us know what your thoughts are.

17 thoughts on “Netflix’s Jessica Jones “airs” 11/20/15”

  1. I’ve been watching The Man In The High Castle. Pretty good show so far; very high production quality. Almost done with it.

    I plan to start watching Jessica Jones tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Im surprised a 9.8 Alias #1 is only going for $350 despite the fact that the full season is out and it’s recieved very positive reviews. Yet not a single episode of Preacher is out yet, but Preacher #1 9.8 is already going for $1000

  3. Stopping at episode 8 for tonight but episode 7 has a fantastic David Tennant purple man rant . Still not sure if this show will move the needle much further as far book values go

  4. Really enjoyed it, tough gritty woman and as for her local Bartender ! My only criticism was for a woman who can fly, why get a taxi ? Got to episode two and cant wait for her back story to play out !

    1. In the comics, Jessica purposely avoided using her powers when she didn’t need to. In addition to not acting as a superhero, she also wasn’t very showy about using her abilities when she didn’t need to, or drawing undue attention to herself. She was okay using them in confrontations, but not to be seen flying around the city.

  5. Watched the 1st 3 episodes and it’s just ok, not bad but not great either, basically it’s no Daredevil and I don’t see it getting the buzz from non-comic fans like DD did. Those with an agenda will be praising it

    1. People with an agenda? Really? Jesus Christ you conspiracy theorists kill me.

      I don’t own a SINGLE copy of any Jessica jones comic, and I’m praising it. I like it as much as daredevil. In fact, this show does a MUCH better job managing its secondary characters than daredevil did. Hell, at times watching daredevil it felt like he was a guest star rather than the main.

      This is a good show. But go ahead back to your G+ page and complain about how the “pump and dump” guys are trying to build up this show.

  6. Metacritic, which aggregates reviews from established critics, has Jessica Jones beating Daredevil. Based on 22 reviews, Daredevil drew a score of 75; Based on 28 reviews, Jessica Jones has a score of 81. But, I’m sure they all have an agenda.

  7. Halfway through it and really enjoying it. Best line of the show so far is Luke Cage’s “Sweet Christmas!”.
    Jessica can’t fly. She can jump pretty far though.

  8. I’m halfway through the season and so far it’s an average show. The writing and directing have been a let down and the fight choreography is weak.

    But I’m loving the Jessica/Luke scenes.

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