Drunk Wooky’s Local Comic Shop Day Spec Highlights

The first ever Local Comic Shop Day is next Saturday, November 28th, 2015! Now, what is LCSD? Brian Hibbs, writing more passionately than I could about the subject has described it as the Record Store Day model transplanted into the comic retailer world. Essentially, it’s an exclusive ComicsPRO event where only ComicsPRO member stores can participate. If your local comic shop is not a member of ComicsPRO, there’s a $50.00 shakedown for them to participate. There are a lot more points that non- ComicsPRO retailers have the ability to, rightfully object to, but that’s not the point of this post.

LCSD is all about exclusivity. Exclusive retailer participation and exclusive variants in limited runs. I spoke with Greg at Black Cat Comics this week and the story is that, unless your local comic shop is breaking their contract, retailers aren’t allowed to hold, presell, or in any way give regular customers an advantage to obtain LCSD exclusive prints. So, get there, stand in the cold after Thanksgiving like a dweeb and pick up these specs.

These are the speculative highlights. A full list of LCSD exclusives can be found here: Local Comic Shop Day Website.

1. First up, We Can Never Go Home Hardcover
image (1)

Every printing, variant, and exclusive of We Can Never Go Home has become collectible to some degree or another. What’s special here is that this is the first hardcover edition collecting issues 1-5. Mix that with the sub-1000 print runs of most of the LCSD exclusives and we have another Black Mask spec winner! (Already listed for $99)

2. Another Black Mask here. Space Riders hardcover collecting issues 1-4.
image (2)

Again, this is the first hardcover edition of Space Riders. Space Riders has been flying under the radar in WCNGH’s shadow, but it is also spec gold. As usual, we have some awesome Ziritt art smattered across the cover with the classic Marvel-style character trade dress on the front cover! Did you miss the individual issues? Grab a highly sought after hardcover next Saturday!

3. The Secret LCSD Black Mask Box Set. From Black Mask:
image (3)

“It was recently revealed that Black Mask’s YOUNG TERRORISTS is not just a provocative, brain-dentingly awesome comic book, but it’s also stitching together a creator-owned shared universe featuring characters from an array of Black Mask books. When the story broke, it was described as ‘Young Terrorists is the Avengers of the Black Mask Universe’… which is probably better phrased than anything we could’ve come up with. This secret, limited edition box set brings together some of the core books you’ll want to know as Black Mask’s universe expands. The box set includes five books (three single-issue comics and two collected books) all with limited edition, exclusive, interlocking variant covers, as well as other exclusive, limited-edition items.”

Basically, this box set will have first appearances of Young Terrorists characters with exclusive connecting covers. Black Mask is still hush hush on the “other exclusive, limited-edition items” contained in this box set.

4. Project Nemesis #2. CHU were there to alert you to Jetpack Comic’s free copy of #1. Now follow up with an exclusive LCSD #2 cover. I personally enjoyed this Kaiju/Horror mash-up. Spec? This is definitely not a premiere issue blockbuster, but could be a great slow burn. Low print runs and an interesting concept.
image (4)

5. Rick and Morty Treasury Edition. I’ve said it time and time again on CHU, but Rick and Morty’s following are loving the comic series. My personal ebay sales of SDCC, ECCC, and BAM! Rick and Morty variant issues have been consistent and receiving good prices between $15 and $25. An exclusive treasury edition could be a steep investment entry cost, but these niche collectors might seek it out. “This special double-size treasury edition for Local Comic Shop Day includes Part One and Two of ‘The Wubba Lubba Dub Dub of Wall Street,’ along with two ‘Summer Spectacular’ bonus shorts!
image (5)

6. Another niche collector’s market: Invader Zim. Another exclusive Treasury Edition.
image (6)

7. And finally, the beautiful Francavilla Exodus The Life After Exclusive. Because, what they hey, we love Francavilla around here!

image (7)

Again, check out the full solicits here: http://localcomicshopday.com/, and make sure to line up early on November 28th!

DrunkWooky out!

10 thoughts on “Drunk Wooky’s Local Comic Shop Day Spec Highlights”

  1. A lot of comic shops that I talked to are not participating in this event. It sucks cuz I was really digging that project nemesis cover. Oh well.

    1. I think my favorite local shop and some other ones are taking part. I can try and grab you a copy if you would like. Happy to help a fellow lover of Kaiju stuff!

  2. My main shop is not part of this but, I have 3 or 4 other shops in the area that I will have to be paying a visit to. Hopefully no one else will be paying any attention to this so I can get in and get out and get everything I need in just one shot.

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