Poyo's Spec and Drek for January 31, 2018

The fifth Wednesday of the month, the lame duck Wednesday we should call it. The day most publishers put out crap or nothing since they try to schedule their monthly releases based on the normal 4 weeks per month.
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Drunk Wooky’s Local Comic Shop Day Spec Highlights

The first ever Local Comic Shop Day is next Saturday, November 28th, 2015! Now, what is LCSD? Brian Hibbs, writing more passionately than I could about the subject has described it as the Record Store Day model transplanted into the comic retailer world. Essentially, it’s an exclusive ComicsPRO event where only ComicsPRO member stores can participate. If your local comic shop is not a member of ComicsPRO, there’s a $50.00 shakedown for them to participate. There are a lot more points that non- ComicsPRO retailers have the ability to, rightfully object to, but that’s not the point of this post.

LCSD is all about exclusivity. Exclusive retailer participation and exclusive variants in limited runs. I spoke with Greg at Black Cat Comics this week and the story is that, unless your local comic shop is breaking their contract, retailers aren’t allowed to hold, presell, or in any way give regular customers an advantage to obtain LCSD exclusive prints. So, get there, stand in the cold after Thanksgiving like a dweeb and pick up these specs. Continue reading “Drunk Wooky’s Local Comic Shop Day Spec Highlights”