GameStop Black Friday Mystery Box Unboxing

GameStop had Funko Mystery Boxes up for grabs today for $20 a pop. They were said to be filled with at least $40 worth of Funko goodness. Here are the results:

20 thoughts on “GameStop Black Friday Mystery Box Unboxing”

  1. I got 2 boxes. The wife chose one and I chose the other. She got a golden batgirl and I got a regular blackest night superman. So that was cool. I asked her if she wanted to sell it but she said no, so its going straight into the display case.

  2. Thanks man. We went around noon and they still had 20 boxes left. Got some assassin’s creed AF for my little one as well since he loves to watch me play and jumps of the couch when I play the game lol.

  3. Sooo….
    I managed to get an all new wolverine 1:500 today off the shelf at 4:30. ( I still am in shock).

    Guys, I trust your opinions, keep or sell?

    1. If youre tight on money, sell, if you can hold for long term, keep and hold onto it with your life, her character is already one of the hottest in Marvel at the moment, if shes in a movie, tv show, or anything along that lines this book will be THE one to have, not many stores order over 100 copies, none the less 500 at a time, i dont expect there to be a very large amount of these floating around. So, if you need the cash, sell now, but if not I could see this going places

  4. Just got my smugglers bounty. Scored the rare tie fighter variant! It’s hard not to take the gamble on mystery boxes. Also, cool idea for your son. You’re doing it right!

  5. So,I walk into my local shop in north east Ohio with $50 to get the Space Riders and We Can Never Go Home Hardcover.10 am as I just happened to be out.No We Can Never Go Home due to distribution problems.Heard that story enough now from Black Mask. Instead I grab Wolverine #1 Local comic shop day variant for $25.00.Shop had two! Already sold for 325.00 to a local collector.Already ordered a TMNT #1 2nd print for the same price in very fine+. Keeping the Space Riders hardcover. I think Local Comic Shop Day was a success for most shops even if they did pay $50 for a license fee or whatever. My shop did have slight mark ups and a limit of 1.First come first served.

  6. So, my GameStop still has about 10 of these boxes left. Do you think they are at all worth picking any up with what you know now?

  7. So I went ahead and bought one of these boxes. My store still has 7 boxes left and Last night I recieved a $5.00 off coupon for gamestop off a $5.00 or more. So I bought a box for $15.00. I knew i wouldn’t get a golden pop, BUT I was happy to see a Breaking Bad figure in there 🙂 For $15.00, I feel I can sell what I don’t want and make a profit of some sort.

  8. The coupon was for if I downloaded the app game Spellstone. I downloaded it but will probably just delete it. Easy way to get a free $5.00 coupon. haha. As all of you have stated, my stores boxes have been on the floor since blackfriday, and the sticker on about 4 of the 7 were ripped, mine looked like it hadne’t been touched but knowing it would be higly unlikly to get a golden, I was more buying to resell most of it and have the fun of not knowing what was in it for only $15.00.

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