Saturday Winners: Local Comic Shop Day Variants

Yesterday, after the madness of Thanksgiving night shopping, and Black Friday shopping, there was Small Business Saturday (without the support of AMEX it was really just Saturday) and Local Comic Shop Day. There were a good handful of variants available for Local Comic Shop Day. Two were stand out winners. The rest have been pretty successful too.

First up is All New Wolverine #1 Local Comic Shop Day Variant, one of the rarer books limited to just 500 copies. They are selling for up to $200.

Up next is the Black Mask Secret Box Set. These were supposedly a nightmare to get out to stores because of the size and had to be self-distributed to comics shops. They have sold for up to $150 but are averaging $90-$100.

Also doing well is the Bitch Planet Hard Cover LCSD cover. It has been selling for $70.

Not to forget the We Can Never Go Home Hardcover, which I guess at this point is the only first print of WCNGH #5, which is selling for $60

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  1. None of the shops in my area got Wolverine. Seemed each shop got something a little different as well. I passed up the Bitch Planet HC.. I was already picking up the WCNGH and Space Riders hard covers and didn’t want to go broke.. but I’m probably gonna drop Bitch Planet anyways, it’s losing it’s steam in the storyline and I’m really hating the delays between books. Kelly Sue is becoming like Mark Millar with really huge delays which bugs me and ruins the story lines.

    1. I almost forgot Bitch Planet was being published. There was a great discussion of the politics of it on here (from the male perspective and how many people were already dropping it) mostly because of its politics. There is a fan base out there for it and since I will sell anything I may consider dropping my set online. Passed the hard cover up for the other. Passed Space Riders up because a certain Secret Agent was picking up a signed sketched hard cover for me.

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      1. Yes, my special bonus on LCSD was I got to meet the Space Riders guys.. and yes, get them to sign their hard cover. šŸ™‚

  2. I did not see any of the Black Mask titles except for Space Raiders and most stores had a 2 item limit. In one store you had to spend $40 just to buy one of the items. At least I got the Rick and Morty I wanted or the day would have been a complete waste.

    1. That’s kind of crappy. I can understand the limit of 1 per item but 2 across all comics.. all 3 shops in my area had no lines, was not crowded, some people didn’t even seem like they were there for LCSD but just shopping in general.

  3. So my question is: Why is no one talking about the SIGNED copies of the WCNGH HC that made it to stores?? From what I understand, there were shrink wrapped copies and copies that were not wrapped and signed by Matthew Rosenberg. I want to know how many signed copies are out there!

    1. Mine was wrapped but no signature. I wanted to see if it did have #5 in the volume and it does, which I assumed, but nice to know I’ll be reading it before the next issue hits stands on Wednesday.

  4. I spent my Saturday with the family instead of heading out to lcsd like I planned to. Might call them later to see if they still have anything left over. But probably not lol.

  5. I was able to pickup a complete set for retail at my LCS. Mine was cool and played by the rules, no presales or holds, 1 copy per person.

  6. Well, you guys are lucky. The gaming store that sells comics here didn’t even know what LCSD was, and my other option (2nd and Charles) doesn’t do those things either.

    Ah, the joys of living in the middle of nowhere….

  7. Called the comic shop that I was going to go and they still have hardcovers of everything so that’s cool and the project nemesis book. So lucky me lol

  8. Three stores near me participated, I went to two and I was able to get one Wolverine sketch and two black mask box sets, a shrink wrapped WCNGH hardcover, Shield #1 and a couple others. Question: if the wolverine is worth grading (high shot at 9.8) would you send it in or ride the hype and sell raw for around $200? Other option is to hold until ECCC and hope for a signiture series opportunity to present itself.

    1. If you love the book, it would look absolutely beautiful graded, and could add potential resale value. If you aren’t a fan, and bought low it’s a great flip book raw. I sold my first app. of X-23 when news broke, and I’m happy to wait, years if that’s what it takes, for prices to settle back down. Steve didn’t say dead, and gone from the Cap legacy for too terribly long, and I doubt Logan will be long without his mantle either. Something that rare if you do land a 9.8 could be reeeaallllyyyy good money, but it also might be a tough sell on down the line. Especially if you hold it for too long, and it becomes more of a special interest piece that only the X-23 diehards are looking for.

      1. Case in point, I’ve still got a 9.8 DF Exclusive CA 34 that I’ll probably never sell. It was good money once upon a time, but those days are long gone, and at current values it isn’t even worth listing.

    2. I agree with NotJon.. if you’re not a Wolverine fan, sell now, make your money. If you think this new Wolverine will be special in the future, you’re a fan and you think it’s going to be more valuable years from now, hold onto it, get it graded.. and gamble by waiting. Other than that, I think right now the hype of those who missed out are driving the prices up with demand but that demand will soon fall back to reality when most of the people who really really want it get theirs to tuck away into their collections.

  9. I consider that I was very lucky, I got a black mask box, space riders hc, WCNGH hc, Rick and morty and DK3. Feel bad to have a gripe when people maybe didn’t get anything.

    However there is one thing that really grinds my gears. We have two shops in London, close to each other, there is a group of a few guys who got there early to the first place and got the 5 wolverines in the shop. Fair enough, they go there early, queued and got their stuff.

    However they then went down to the next shop that opens half an hour later, front of the queue and took the 5 wolverines from there as well. I think that sucks. You don’t take two, when there’s something that limited. I’d go as far as saying its outrageously selfish but there you go. Hope they made good money depriving people that actually wanted the comic for their collection.

    1. This is when you spread the word to not buy at the inflated prices and just wait. I think with the hype, the prices will certainly drop to real world prices. Same thing happened with the B&W Boba Fett Action Figure variant… now you can get it for it’s original retail price or just slightly above it.

  10. Only one shop in my area even had anything. I got 2 Black Mask boxes, 1 to flip, WCNGH x2 signed ones, Space Riders, Bitch Planet, and some spec books incl. Wayward 1 phantom var. and Hawaiian Dick 1. I’m happy and broke.

      1. Thanks, I know you’re talking about the LCSD variants and that’s what I was asking about, but apparently if you’re signed up for black mask’s mailing list they sent out an email with a link to a special version with covers by Alex Ziritt. It’s $68.99, but it comes with a shirt and a 1 in 100 chance at a “golden ticket”, whatever that is. The email also includes a link to the Space Riders and We Can Never Go Home trades, which also come with tee shirts.

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