Negan Mentioned On Midseason Finale Of The Walking Dead

Finally, Negan is coming. We knew that. But he is finally getting closer.

Spoiler: In case you haven’t seen it. Turn back.

Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham continue down the road. They find a group of bikers stopped in the road. One man suggests they step outside and threaten to split them right in half, “Straight through to the sinuses.” Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl hesitantly step out. The man demands their weapons be handed over, as well as the truck and everything in it. Every little bit of their property now belongs to Negan.

Time to start looking at those Walking Dead 100’s

Negan, of course, first appeared in The Walking Dead #100, there was also a smaller print run 2nd Print, another small print run 3rd Print, the somewhat expensive Lucille Variant, and the more affordable SDCC Retailers Variant.

3 thoughts on “Negan Mentioned On Midseason Finale Of The Walking Dead”

  1. A local shop has a lot of different copies of WD 100. Going to see if they have any 2nd prints sinse the cover looks sick. Bought all 5 sesson of walking dead on black Friday so will jump back on board in the series. I stopped watching it back in sesson 2. So have a lot if catching up.

  2. Why thank you, thank you very much. LOL. So do I get some kind of WD welcome back memorabilia lol jk jk. But yeah excited to watch it again. There is a shop that I go to once in a blue moon that has WD book that go back to issue 2. He wants way to much money for them but it’s cool to see the old books.

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