Tom King Sheriff of Babylon/Vision/Robin Wars/Grayson signing

As I mentioned the other night former CIA operative and comic book writer Tom King was in town to sign his two new series that launched this week, Sheriff of Babylon for Vertigo and Robin Wars for DC. 

Thankfully I got there late, near the end of the signing, as I had a stack of books for him to sign. This can be odd at times because some writers and artists limit the number of books they will sign. Tom was very gracious and told be to bring him as many books as I wanted. He was a little surprised by the number of his books I had in hand. Copies of Sheriff of Babylon, check, Vision, check, Robin Wars, check, and bonus surprise, first prints of Grayson.

Tom was defiantly interesting to talk to and was easily approachable. There were a couple of your kids there that he was chatting with. It was as interesting to listen to him talk as it was to talk to him.

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