Black Eyed Kids Joe Pruitt Signing Results

I always like to come on here after a signing and give the results of the signings. This went really well. Joe Pruett was awesome to talk to and I got signed copies for everyone who requested them. As you see below, they came our incredible. I picked a signature placement  that would not interfere with the art. Most were signed in bronze (comes off looking a little gold in the pictures) until my bronze sharpie died.

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Tom King Sheriff of Babylon/Vision/Robin Wars/Grayson signing

As I mentioned the other night former CIA operative and comic book writer Tom King was in town to sign his two new series that launched this week, Sheriff of Babylon for Vertigo and Robin Wars for DC.  Continue reading “Tom King Sheriff of Babylon/Vision/Robin Wars/Grayson signing”

Young Terrorist / We Can Never Go Home Signing opportunity



It has been a little while since I offered a signing opportunity. I used to do them about once or twice a month. Things get busy and sadly I had to cut down on the amount of signings I was doing and offering. This is one I could not pass up.

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Non-Player Signing with Nate Simpson

Again short notice. My schedule for the weekend has opened up and I will be attending a signing for Non-Player with Nate Simpson. I will have copies of Non-Player #1 Third Eye Variant available signed by Nate Simpson. Continue reading “Non-Player Signing with Nate Simpson”

Double signed Fight Club BAM Variants

I had a lot of interest in the Books a Million variant Fight Club 2 signed by Chip Zdarsky and Chuck Palahnuik. So much so I had to keep going back through the line to get more signed. I sold them out quickly. But I did talk to the manager on my way out and asked her if they ended up with extra signed copies to hold me some.  Continue reading “Double signed Fight Club BAM Variants”

Fight Club Signing

Thanks to everyone who jumped in on this with such short notice. I was literally getting books signed while my phone was going off with requests for more. These books are completely gone. 
I got back in line and got more. Left to get in my car and you guessed it, more requests. So I went in and for more.  Continue reading “Fight Club Signing”

Deadpool signing 

I always like coming on here and telling about the signing experience after an event. I had several people who took up the offer on grabbing the signed books. This one was with Deadpool artist Mike Hawthorne. 
Mike was a super nice guy. Most people in comics seem to be very gracious about what they do. Mike was no acception. Continue reading “Deadpool signing “

Deadpool #45 / 250 Signed by Mike Hawthorne (DP Artist) last call

Just wanted to put a last call out for a signing this week end. A couple people contacted me and wanted to allow last chance before I finalize everything for the signing. Continue reading “Deadpool #45 / 250 Signed by Mike Hawthorne (DP Artist) last call”

Comicsheatingup Upcoming signing events

Con season is almost here, but so is my signing season. (If you are new to CHU I offer signed books at a reasonable price.) So look below for my signing schedule and something new to boot. Continue reading “Comicsheatingup Upcoming signing events”