Agent Poyo’s Picks of the Week for December 23, 2015

Two days before Christmas edition and usually in the past the comics seem slimmer but not this week, it’s another big week for me on what I’m reading. Some good stuff is coming out so lets get down to it shall we?

DC/Vertigo Picks of the week:

Dark Knight III Master Race #2 (DC) – If your not reading it well, you should pick them up anyways. Sure the print runs will big but these are also the type of Batman collectors pick up and tuck away for years in their long boxes. When they dry up, you’ll be at the mercy of buying them on the aftermarket.

Jacked #2 (Vertigo) – I thought issue 1 was awesome. This one needs more exposure. Sure it’s a limited mini-series but it’s got potential.

Last Gang In Town #1 (Vertigo) – FBP creator and writer brings us a new series. A must check out as I loved FBP.

Marvel Picks:

Darth Vader #14 (Marvel) – It’s a no brainer, they keep reprinting these and why not, lots of Star Wars fans, will always be Star Wars fans and every baby born is a chance a new comic book collector is born that happens to be a Star Wars fan.

Daredevil #2 (Marvel) – Daredevil has a sidekick for the most part. Pay attention I say, this is a character that could have his own series one day and his first appearance in #1 could be hot one day, along with these where he’s getting trained by Daredevil to become a hero vigilante like his new mentor. Plus he’s a Chinese immigrant.. so I’m sure just like Ms Marvel is attracting Muslim fans, this new character could draw in those of Asian decent once they take notice. So we should too, plus his character I think has potential to be very cool.

Indie Picks of the Week:

Self Storage #3 (451 Media) – I’m loving this. The story flows well and the art is great. What more do you need? Tony coined the term “Storage Wars meets Walking Dead” and 451 is running with that themselves.


From 451’s Website
Venus #1 (Boom!) – I love me some SciFi and this one seems interesting. We’ve depleted most if not all our of resources on Earth so we must seek them out on our neighbor planets, China claimed Mars, so we’ve got Venus. What could possibly go wrong?

Spook #1 (Red 5) – CIA, capturing ghosts. Red 5 can be a hit or miss but have had a few nice spec hits in the past. Already selling out at online retailers, expect low print runs for sure. Definitely worth checking out if you can find it.

The Spec of the Week:

Anthony already mentioned it in it’s own post but yeah, Wakfu from Titan. A hit cartoon with it’s debut in comics, already selling out online. Grab’em and flip’em. Fans will be seeking these out but once they get their copies, this is the type that can die as fast as it heats up so be quick. Let’s just hope it stays hot.. I love comics that get hot and stay hot.

That’s all I got. I’m no longer saying Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas or the bazillion other sayings there are this time of year (people seem to get their panties all knotted up and offended over nice gestures).. so the one I’m telling everyone this year and every year from now on is.. “May The Force Be With You.”

I’d do Spock’s “Live Long and Prosper” but I’ve never been able to do the hand sign for it. Fingers just do not co-operate.

So.. May The Force Be With You this Friday and a Merry New Year!

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