29 thoughts on “January Smuggler's Bounty Unboxing Video”

  1. This box is a flop. Next month is the Cantina. Zero interest
    Switched to the Wizard Comic Con after watching your post. Can’t go wrong with deadpool swag

    1. Yeah Ray. I wasn’t keen on this box this month, Especially since I canceled it back in November and they still charged my card and shipped the box anyway. Now they are saying the do not do refunds on shipped boxes. They said had I contacted them sooner they could have worked with me, I informed them I contacted them and canceled the box of 11/13/15, immediately after I ordered. I couldn’t give them any more time unless I canceled it right before I ordered it.

          1. Hehe.. Actually to be honest, I’ve been cutting my coffee intake, not due to caffeine but I like mine with sugar so it cuts more sugar out of diet.

            1. I tried to cut caffeine for a little bit but I like my Diet Mountain Dew’s a little too much. I can’t stand coffee though…so no temptation there. I love the smell of it, can’t stand the taste of it.

              1. I don’t drink soda anymore. I use to love my 1-2 Dr. Pepper a week (work provides free soda) but no more.. I liked Mountain Dew too.. they don’t offer it though. But sugar in almost everything nowadays, so try to cut back as much as I can.

                1. I don’t drink much “regular” soda. But they tell me the artificial stuff is just as bad….or worse….depending on who you’re talking to. Whatever, You’ll only live once and I’d rather live with Diet Dew lol

                2. Haha.. yeah, I’ve read that the artificial sugars are just as bad because your body still processes them as if they are real sugar. Plus the artificial stuff has been linked to cause migraine headaches and such.
                  I can care less what people put in their bodies to be honest, that’s their choice. I’m all for legalizing drugs even.. I don’t think a government or anyone should be able to tell one what to do with their own bodies.
                  I don’t consume that much sugar for my own reasons, don’t care what anyone has to say about it either. You want to drink a dozen Mountain Dews a day.. all power to you!

                3. I’m softening to drugs as I get older but I still can’t sign off on all of them being completely legal. Pot, whatever. But some of that stuff causes so many problems and then causes society to have to pick them up. When you’re vices start effecting me personally, that’s when I have a problem. People stealing to pay for habits or signing up for financial assistance because they spend everything else on drugs. But yeah, if you need to do a line of coke every now and then but you’re still a normal productive member of society, then snort away.

                4. Oh yeah, I think if drugs were legal, just treat them like alcohol.. you get caught driving while influenced or what not, then it’s not so legal, etc. But in a perfect world, if you want to OD or do stupid things, well, a functioning society doesn’t pick up the tab on your behalf, you’re on your own I say. Legal to the point where it’s not hurting others is how I’d want them to be legal. But mostly, do that crap behind closed doors, in your own home for the most part.

            1. True.. but they say the B word on prime time.. figured it was G rated now.. I’ll not use if it you don’t want me to though.

  2. I was really tempted with this box but i’m glad I passed after seeing it. I’d really like the pop and that’s about it. I think i’m come to the determination that the mystery boxes aren’t for me. I’m getting my 3rd and last loot crate this week. Seems like there’s always 1 really cool thing I like and the rest of it is just stuff that I could easily have lived without. The one item isn’t worth the cost of the box most of the time.

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    Our good friends over at comicsheatingup.net got their Smuggler’s Bounty and were kind enough to do an unboxing video. I’m a coffee drinker so can put the mug to use. I am also a jeans an t-shirt guy so this will go nicely with my other Star Wars POP! Tees. I am still a little let down by this box though. We will be back for the next box in a couple of months which is Cantina. I’m already worried. Step it up Funko!

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