Loot Crate March to have Exclusive Harley Quinn Item

I know there will be at least a t-shirt in this month’s loot crate. There will also be an exclusive Dorbz vinyl figure from Funko in it. Well, there also will be an Exclusive Harley Quinn item.
Not sure if this will be the Dorbz, the shirt, or what, but there could be some good flip-ability in this months crate.
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19 thoughts on “Loot Crate March to have Exclusive Harley Quinn Item”

  1. I won’t even be considering this after last months Walking Dead exclusive figure! That was the biggest let down and I will not be wasting any more money on these. I hope the item is cool for those of you that continue getting Lootcrate, but just not worth it for me.

    1. I was pissed about the Walking Dead Exclusive Figure as well I did like the Deadpool though. It kind of made up for it. Looks good on my shelf too.

  2. I thought March Lootcrate theme was VS with the Aliens v Predator, etc. Is the Harley destined to be in April’s theme?

    1. Yes I do. Thank you. I don’t see how they make money off the crates at all because for $16 they just gave back $10 but see my other response for my reasoning behind it.
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  3. 14.95 shipped that’s like just buying a t shirt buy itself at the store, don’t know how they make money selling a box full of stuff for that low of a price.

    1. I imagine it’s like the boxes my wife gets in the mail filled with makeup and stuff, the companies let the products go cheap as a teaser to get people to try their other stuff. Last month’s Dead box had the Deadpool shirt which more than paid for the box itself. Of course the Zombie ear soap on a rope kind of detracted from it as did the McFarlane exclusive figure fiasco. If it was just a Deadpool box it would have been a hit.
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  4. The simple retail equation: volume+dirt cheap wholesale costs=profit
    The Dead crate was a joke. The tee shirt was as thin as rice paper, the Deadpool figure was pretty bad (examine yours for cracks in the acrylic). I got a kick out of the ear necklace but the highly-advertised Mcfarlaine toy…they caught many of us hook, line, and sinker. But here’s some food for thought… expecting high-quality items from glorified mail order is like expecting working x-ray specs you got out of they back of a comic book.

    1. Lol. I was very disappointed that my X-Ray specs didn’t work as advertised as a kid. No seeing my bones, no looking through skirts. However, I have been happy with a lot of the items (comics and pops) that have come in the Lootcrate boxes.

      1. HAHA I can go on and on about the good old days of stuffing envelopes with box tops and waitng 6-8 weeks for delivery!
        I am overall impressed with the majority of Pops out there. I have been seeing a recent trend, though, with Gamestop’s handling of Pop’s and that I see far too many damaged boxes. My friend and I discussed this earlier today. He’s a GS manager and said early-on the Pop’s were coming in much nicer shipments. They were packed better before but now they are all but tossed into a box without the same care.
        The Lootcrate box seem to at least come intact. I’ll be considering the Harley box but we’ll see how the spec-budget is looking.

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