March Lootcrate has Exclusive Harley Comic Plus more

I had dropped the hint that this month’s Versus Box had some goodies that kept me interested. Here are the biggies. Not to late to jump in and save $5 when you go through this link to to sign up (just a few hours left):

You get some sweet Alien Vs. Predator Vinyl figures
A reversible beenie
A t-shirt
A Mighty Wallet, which I need a new one of anyway
and this original Harley Quinn exclusive comic
harley comic
With the $5 off it makes this $11 plus shipping.

8 thoughts on “March Lootcrate has Exclusive Harley Comic Plus more”

  1. Yeah we where supposed to get our yesturday according to the tracking number but haven’t gotten it yet. The wife is excited about it cuz of the Harley Quinn book, specially since Amanda Conners drew it.

      1. FedEx Ground shipping sucks when it comes to tracking it accurately. They pass it off to USPS as well. I’ve always taken the tracking from FedEx with a grain of salt, it’s always either early or late from what they pick as the estimated delivery date.

  2. Lol. That does suck. I am going to wait till the 28th and if I don’t get it, then talk to the post office to see what’s up. Good luck and hope you get yours cuz it looks like it’s going to be a well worth crate.

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