The Walking Dead Effect: Will the Kingdom be introduced on the show?

I wasn’t the only person who noticed the person with the combat gear on last night’s The Walking Dead. noticed it too. And we drew the same conclusions 
Looks like the guys from the Kingdom will soon be introduced. The Kingdom, and their leader Ezekiel, are introduced in The Walking Dead #108. Copies started moving last night in the $20-30 range.. Several 9.8 graded books sold for $52-60.
Lot’s of auctions going on now in the $10-14 range for The Walking Dead #108.
This could blow up more, as has been the trend, if Ezekiel and the Kingdom do make it to screen.

10 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Effect: Will the Kingdom be introduced on the show?”

  1. Nice! Chime in with your hatred for Ezekiel Poyo. I on the other hand am taking my cgc ss 9.8 double signed to the bank when shiva shows up. 😉

    1. Now that would be awesome. They haven’t even fully introduced Negan yet and I already want them to zoom past the kingdom storyline and go straight into the whisperer stories. These whisperers are amazing and would great on screen.

    1. Wait for it. Wait for it. And…. Oh wait it has already been heating up. Unless you are waiting for it to blow up. Then, wait for it about a week.

  2. Sadly I was not spec’ing, and I had not discovered this site when this issue came out so I only have one copy for the PC. I don’t know how many comics I missed out on before I found this site, I think the my biggest one was the Enormous one-shot I had it in my hands and put it back.

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