J. Scott Campbell Connecting Spider-Women Covers

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DrunkWooky sent this over.
Looking to put a set of these covers together, you may have to jump around to a couple of different places.

Spider-Women Alpha #1
Silk #7 (coming soon)
Spider-Woman # 6 (coming soon)
Looks like Spider-Gwen isn’t available at this time.
They’re still out there. Campbell collectors/speculators need to have a hair trigger on these cover price variants.

9 thoughts on “J. Scott Campbell Connecting Spider-Women Covers”

  1. If it’s more than two covers connecting, I’m usually out. That’s just too much effort.. (I think the only time I did grab every connecting cover was Walking Dead #115 and East of West #16, because well, those were easier to get and I love them more than these Spider-Women)..

  2. I pre-ordered one set for the PC. Will probably pick up another set or two, because it looks like it might be a profit to be had.

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