Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 6

Blind Adam is a comic book dealer in New York and New Jersey, and yes, he is blind. He has been contributing a fun list of hidden gems each week.
Greetings my awesomesauce and heating up family. Thank you all for being my friends and for reading and listening each and every week. Thank you all for helping me make my dreams come true. Hope to see you guys at a convention soon. Now, lets make the money on some comics shall we?
1. Life with Archie Married Life #16– Kevin Keller gets married. I am looking forward to Riverdale on the CW. I can see them doing this on the small screen and it would make a great season one or two .
2. Archie #656– while we are chilling in Riverdale, how about a few more. Also because I so want to buy Betty a soda. I like the bad girls. This is the first Harper, Archie’s token handicapped girl. Maybe she winds up on the c.w. show? $5
3. Veronica #205– Now, I am buying Archie comics like a madman. More surprisingly, I’m enjoying them and making money with them w.t.f. right? That sweater wearing punk sure does hang out with hot girls. Watch the Robot Chicken sketch with Archie and go find the second appearance of Kevin Keller.
4. Spidey Super Stories #15– first try finding copies of Super Stories in nice shape. Second, this is a Storm appearance, early one at that. Not sure of any spec play just thought it was cool.
5. Superman #75 Platinum Edition– the rarest verson of the Death of Superman is the #75 Platinum that was mailed to retailers. Superman
dies in this one. Batman vs. Superman did this perfectly. $75 and up.
6. Justice League Europe #23– credit goes out to Jimmy over at ComicBookScalping. I love Jimmy (and thank you for everything). Justice League Europe #23 early appearance of Crimson Fox and her origin to boot. Powerless is coming to NBC and it will be neat to see the war of super hero comedy between Silver Fox and Damage Control on t.v. $3-5
7. Justice League of Europe #6– Crimson Fox’s first appearance.
8. Wonder Woman #300– Wedding of Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman. Classic #300th issue in a day and age where the big two can give a crap about legacy numbering. We don’t need new numbering every freaking six months. there was a time when legends got major milestone issues like this and I always pay at least $5 and charge $10 on nm copies
9. Daredevil #126– first appearance of Blake Tower. I loved him in season two, and want more of him in the marvel Netflix-verse.
10. Uncanny X-Men #248 second print– why is this so cheap. first Jim Lee. Legendary artist and beloved run in X-Men history. $3-5
11. Green Arrow #101– for everyone getting excited about this past weeks Green Arrow New 52 #50, remember this #101 did the death of Oliver Queen first and did it better testify $20-40
12. Green Arrow (Volume #2) #7– I love the Kevin Smith Batman mini series Kevin Smith is a mastermind, the greatest of all time. His first Batman story is in his classic green arrow run $5
13. TMNT (IDW series) #45 Motor City Con Variant– this is a tear-jerker of an issue. Wish death in comics would stick. Walking Dead cover swipe just awesome $30-60
14. Elseworlds: Worlds Funnest One Shot– Batmite destroys the multiverse in battle with Mr. Mxyzptlk. Just a fun find with no real spec play as this was recently reprinted. this should be a fan film
15. Worlds Finest #152– I want Batmite to have a ongoing series. His last miniseries was fun, and done by Dan Jurgens. Batmite teaming up with Mr. Mxyzptlk is #awesomesauce and yes this week I am on a Batmite craze
16. Action Comics #894– 1st “out of Sandman appearance” of Death just a great story with Lex Luthor and I am hoping that one day we get Death in the Lucifer t.v. show $5-10
17. Classic X-Men #1– reprints Giant Sized X-Men #1. This is a 30 year old book now and deserves respect. It is cheap like dollar box to a ten spot. Cheap, why? why? why?
18. Suicide Squad #67– a Blackest Night tie in . Low print, classic story line, and a movie with the squad is coming $3
19. Stars and Strips #1- 1st Geoff Jones work. First Stargirl. Opal City has been mentioned on the Flash t.v. show a lot. Jessy Quick went there, maybe Stargirl will show up in season three $3-5
20. Preacher #1 After Watchmen What's Next Variant– when the Watchmen movie droped in 09 DC released variant reprints with the Watchmen What’s Next banner on them. Given out at conventions, Preacher drops on AMC soon. This will be AMC’s spring edition of the Walking Dead. Looking foward to the show and this is a cheap find $5-10
once again thank you guys for reading and for listening to my awesomesauce comix podcast. I love you all, blind adam out

11 thoughts on “Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 6”

    1. Depends. If you are genuinely curious how Adam reads is comics with his disability then no… Might be a bit personal, but if there is no malice intended then no, you aren’t being a douche…If there is, well…..that’s different.

      1. I’ve never asked as I worried it would be rude, but I know there are varying degrees of legal blindness. Someone can be legally blind and still able to, “See,” as it were, everything is just quite blurry unless held really close to their face. Someone is legally blind if their vision is 20/300 or worse even with correction. I am 20/400 without correction and am lucky that glasses work for me. Even without my glasses I can read comics if I put them close to my face however, and I am 100 above being legally blind! Therefore, Adam may be completely non-visual or just blind to a certain degree. As I said, I never asked as I didn’t want to come off as rude, but as we are discussing it, I thought now might be an okay time to ask?

  1. Easy to agree with problem of excess renumbering of comics. For back issue collectors, different same titles with same number are confusing and require research before shopping to avoid buying wrong comic.

  2. Recently picked up Life with Archie 23 Francavilla cover during the “Afterlife lull.” This was the first Afterlife with Archie published concept. People lost interest during the massive delay and the cost dropped momentarily. Nabbed it for $20.00

  3. Star and Stripe #0 is gonna be first Stargirl. Pre-dates #1, and provides the origin of Courtney as Stripe.

  4. I replied above to one discussion, but had a separate note to ask. I noticed Adam mentioned that the “Suicide Squad” tie-in with “Blackest Night,” might hold value. Do any other of the tie-ins possibly have worth? I think I picked up a lot of the books due to my desire to get all the plastic rings that came with certain tie-ins (No, I didn’t think to just buy them on eBay, don’t judge).

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