Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 10

Blind Adam is a comic book dealer in New York and New Jersey, and yes, he is blind (90%). He has been contributing a fun list of hidden gems each week.
Hello my heating up and awesomesauce families. thank you for reading this each and every week. If your in Atlantic City New Jersey in a couple of days, for Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, stop by the Hollywood cars booth get a picture with the Batmobile and say hello. ACBC is May 13-15. To Anthony thank you for allowing me to play in your magical, amazing, and awesome sandbox. I love you guys now lets make the money.
1. Crisis on Infinite Earths #8 The Flash dies. CW television will one day do this death on t.v. maybe they already did but specing on this comic is smart money $10-25
2. Flashpoint #3– if that issue number is wrong please correct me. but it is the issue where Barry gets his powers back tonight’s episode of The Flash did this and it is darn #awesomesauce $5-10
3. Star Trek Ashes of Eden DC Comics– this is star treks 50th birthday. William Shanter is doing the convention scene like a madman this is the perfect idea for an awesomesauce ss flip wonder what a 9.8 ss Shanter of this would command
4. Crisis on Infinite Earths #12– Wally West becomes the Flash. Wally will get his speed on the show, I say by the end of this season or at the
start of season 3. I would just scoop up sets of crisis at this point as I can see a multi crossover for all the shows doing a version of this down the road $10
5. DC Star Trek Series 2 Annual #1– this book is co written by George Takei and Peter David. Sulu writing a comic and that alone is spec worthy. Star Trek 3 hits in July 50th birthday of trek $2-5
6. Star Trek DC series 1 #19– this issue is written by Walter Korchiff, Checkoff himself. Like I said the original cast will be out in force and these books are perfect ss candates and can be found in high grade for pennies on the dollar. $1-3 and I wonder what a 9.8 of any of my Star Trek picks autographed by the entire original surving cast would bring. Will get one ssed and let you know
7. Nintendo Power #8– sweet Batman the Movie cover and Ducktales poster no real spec play but early Nintendo Power magazines are tough to find in high grade $10-30
8. Esquire Magazine 1966 Amazing Spiderman #42 mini comic– this is a rare piece from esquire magazine it is the first reprint of amazing Spiderman #42 and because it is a mini comic I would like to submit it as the first ever variant of the first Mary Jane Watson. damn she’s hot $55-100
9. Overstreet Fan #19– Frank Miller plus Dark Knight cover equals money plus this is cheap $5-10
10. Marvel Premier #53– early Frank Miller art, Black Panther appearance Civil War. I smell twenty bucks in this comics future
11. Masters of the Universe Mini Comics– In 1982-1985 these mini He-Man comic books came with the action figures. They gave the back stories and were written by J.M.S. no real spec play just thought they were #awesomesauce. They were recently reprinted in graphic novel form.
12. Han Solo #1 Action Figure Variant– John Tyler Christpher is at it again. Another star wars action figure variant from John’s site. This is a sure bet, pre-orders started on the 4th at six p.m. and they sold out quickly. JTC said these were rarer than the Boba Fett’s according to JTC.
13. Civil War II #1 John Taylor Christopher online variant. Is John the new master of online variants? This had a pre-order that started on May 4th as well. $10 buy in and just looks great
14. Mad Magazine #1 2000 reprint corrected edition– everyone knows about the pulped edition of this but the corrected version of this reprint is mad cheap for the first appearance of an American icon like Mad $2-5
15. Flash #8 (2010) Brightest Day Tie In– origin of Professor Zoom post-Flash rebirth. What can I say Professor Zoom or anything Zoom is hot. People love Zoom, myself included, and this tells his origin and leads into Flashpoint $10-25
16. Star Trek Spock Reflections– Mirror Mirror is my favorite Star Trek episode. This tells what Spock did about Kirk in that world no real spec play just thought it was a cool Star Trek comic
17. Spider-man a Rock Comic Beyond the Grave Spock Reflections– this is not really a comic book. it is a vinyl record with an amazing slipcover with John Romita art and a comic book styled back cover my first exposure to Spider-man as a kid $30-125
18. Wizard Magazine #165 this is a j scott cambell cover and how many
mint copies of wizard magazine stilled sealed are there $10-35
19. Dazzler #6– it is a hulk battle cover with all the dazzler hype I thought this cover with the hulk would make a cool spec pick $1-3 and Ashley simpson would make the perfect dazzler if anyone disagress you have an invation to bea guest on my podcast to tell me why talyor swift would be better then Ashley simpson in the roll of dazzler or that taylor has more talent then Ashley word
20. Batman and Frankenstein #31 Mike Allred Batman 66 Variant– this is one of the cheaper Allred 66 variants. These are heating up. Batgirl #31 and Harley Quinn #6 are the queens but this is just sweet $15-20
Once again thank you all for all the friendship, encourgment, and support. blind adam out

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  1. I like how you brought up old Nintendo Power Mags! I collect vintage gaming magazines and many of those are definitely hard to find in nice condition! Fun reads too from a time gone by!…If you like videogames that is.

  2. Great list as always. On a side note, did anyone watch Gotham last night? Cuz I noticed at the end when they pass what is going to happen on the next episode a person on a t.v screen that had an old school owl mask. Could this be the court of the owls? Can someone else help me confirm this?

    1. I missed the end. I watched some of it while practicing my son’s site words. I did see Azrael and he looked pretty good.
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