Walmart Comic Bag Unbagging

I picked up some Walmart Comic Bags yesterday. These are the $5 bags that contain mostly copper age comics, but all Marvel Comics. I unbagged them the last night. Check out the video.
I also grabbed a Five Below comic bag that contained a Superior Spider-Man Team Up 1:100 variant

The results for the first bag
Web of Spiderman #24 Average asking price $2.99 on eBay.
Web of Spiderman #62 Average asking price $1.25 on eBay
Secret Wars #3 average asking price $6-14
Secret Wars #4average asking price $6-14
Second Bag
Web of Spiderman #29– average asking price $1-$4
Secret Wars #3 average asking price $6-14
Web of Spiderman #67 average asking price $1.25-1.99
Secret Wars II #1 – average asking price $2-5

18 thoughts on “Walmart Comic Bag Unbagging”

  1. That was one awesome video! For some reason, I can never find where Walmart keeps their comics. I end up doing circles around the store and the employees just scratch their heads when I ask.

  2. Nice pulls…after my first hits I haven’t found anything, but they haven’t restocked either. That whole area is treated as an afterthought to them.
    What was the print run on the Superior variant? Few hundred maybe?

    1. It was roached. Had a big crease on the top left where the cover had been bent down and there were gouge marks across it. The number of copies sold was 30,081 (closest we can get to a print run) so guessing 300-500 copies of the 1:100
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        1. Lol. Yup. I probably could have sold it still in the bag, as I didn’t know it was damaged until it came out of the bag. Ugh.
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  3. Are these just at super centers?
    I’m going to have to head out to the slums and risk stepping on a hypodermic needle to try my chances with these bags. (DrunkWooky said sounding as pretentious as he anticipated)

    1. I’ve only seen them at super centers…it’s hit or miss. Usually up front at the end registers where it’s hard to shop if it’s open.

    2. Both the ones I have seen have been super centers but have not checked the non super centers as they are too far away from me
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      1. There is a non-super center next door to my office building. No DC 3-packs, no Marvel 5$ packs. I’m thinking they sell these in super centers.
        I have a lunch adventure planned today now! Un-bagging pictures may be to follow.

  4. Haven’t found anything in the Walmart packs aside from a Terror Inc #1, hard enough finding them at any store period.
    Got 3 of the Superior SPMTU 1:100’s. One is a definite 9.8 and the other 2 are 9.6’s

    1. As someone just said, yours are more valuable now since mine came trashed. Well, just need to poke around other Five Belows until I find another one.
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      1. Check the middle of the packs, you can see the sketch part of the cover on the spine pretty clearly without sliding the top books up. But then you have to watch the cashier like a hawk because they’re brutal with how they handle the packs at checkout unless you make a fuss ahead of time. Hey, for a 1:100 variant, I don’t mind being “that guy”

  5. I got a $5 pack at Walmart and two $4 packs at 5 Below and I have to say, the 5 Below Packs are MUCH better. You really get your money’s worth and then some. The best comic I got in the 5 Below packs was All-New Marvel NOW! Point One #1 (1st Print), which is the first appearance of Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan). I’d say the condition of the comics seem to be a bit better with the 5 Below packs too. I was actually really disappointed with the Walmart pack.

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