Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 11

Blind Adam is a comic book dealer in New York and New Jersey, and yes, he is blind (90%). He has been contributing a fun list of hidden gems each week.
Greetings my Awesomesauce and Heating Up family. I would like to say thank you. Thank you for all of your friendship, encouragement, advice, and love. Thank you to those that showed up in Alantic City and said hello. If anyone wants to hang out at Wizard World Philly, let me know. Also if anyone lives in New Jersey, on June 11th, there is going to be an amazing one day show in Maplewood at the Columbia High School (17 Parker Ave Maplewood NJ) from 10:00 a.m to 5:00p.m. So, stop on by. Now lets make money on some books:
1. JLA’s Vibe #5 – this issue has an awesome cover, Vibe fighting with Harley Quinn and has mentions pf Suicide Squad. Why am I finding it in dollar bins? $5 or higher. Flash tv show, solo Harley movie, Suicide Squad movie, all good reasons to get this book
2. JLA Quarterly #1 – Yes, it is fifty cent book at most but dig for it the next time your box diving as it features the first appearance of Vibe’s brother Amondo Ramon, aka Rupture (rebooted Earth Prime). Another dollar box find is Superman Annual #4 where Amondo opens the Rupture bar
3. Justice League of America #233– First Appearance of Rupture. My favorite part of the Flash tv show is Vibe’s brother Cisco Ramon. His first appearance in JLA Annual #2 is a great seller this is his second appearance and is cheap $3-5
4. Justice League of America #258 – Yes I am on a Vibe kick. However, this is the death of Vibe. I think maybe one day they will do it on the show $3-5
5. Cherry Deluxe– I love the comic Cherry Poptart. I love Cherry comics in gerenal. If you have them for sale I will buy them. But this little gem was written by Sandman’s Neal Gaiman and that is why it is on the list no real spec potential just cool
6. Blind Prophet #1 – at ACBC 2016 I was turned on to a really neat Kickstarter book. Listen to awesomesauce commix podcast #150 for the interview. Basically this is a comic about a blind angel and I think the book has potential and TV show written all over it
7. Savage Dragon #128 – this issue features Mark Millar’s “Wanted” villans $10. Just cool. Mark Millar book, nothing spec worthy unless the wanted sequel gets made of course
8. Adventures of Superman #463– this is a cheap book. The first Superman vs Wally West Flash Race. and now that Supergirl is part of the CW and there is a rumor that Tom Welling will appear as Superman in a
crossover episode, we could see a Flash vs Superman race and I do love the cover homage to Superman #199
9. Future Quest #1 Space Ghost coverr. This just came out and is hard to find. I can see it becoming a favorite among collectors $5-10
10. Space Ghost #1 Comico – Steve Rude awesomeness. 1st modern Space Ghost and is cheap at $5 the Alex Ross series is a great read as well
11. Deadman Mini series #3 – the issue where Deadman is brought to the afterlife and is trapped with the spirit’s of Jason Todd, Superman, and Barry Allen. I am doing this from memory but Jason Todd is there and this was before Batman #617, 635 or annual #25 and is the first resurrection of Jason $5-10
12. I Love New York – this is a little comic book about New York City done by the creator of Dawn, Joseph Michael Lisner and was made after 9-11. $5-10, not much spec potential but I am from New York and I love Lisner so it is on the list
13. The Flintstone Kids #1 Star Comics– the Flintstones are coming to back to DC soon. A Hanna Barbera resurgence is upon us and where is the Seth MacFarlane Flintstones remake? These guys have a breakfast cereal and a vitamin but no comic or TV show! Anyway, Marvel’s Star line does well in the back issue market and this is a nice gem $5-10
14. Superman Man of Steel #22 – this is the second apperance of John Henry Irons better know as Steel. Dollar box stuff but I can see the Supergirl show doing it reign of Superman stuff. Can get hot as I see all the players winding up on the Supergirl tv show which is great, so
don’t hate on the show
15. Superman #78 – this was most likley mentioned somewhere else just can’t remember where, but this is the first Cyborg Superman cover. Cyborg superman is on the show in season two and all Cyborg Superman appearances will skyrocket
16. GI Joe Special Missions #1 – if they ever do the GI Joe movies right then I believe this spin off #1 can become a $20 bill plus it I know 20 something years old and it is cool
17. Smallville Season 11 #1 – Like I said there is a rumor that Tom Welling will be Superman int he CW-verse of DC shows. Smallville has a loyal fan base and I do well with books like this, Arrow season 2.5, Flash season 0, and Batman 66 so why are these in dollar bins?
18. The Black Goliath #3 – for some reason, maybe the Civil War movie, (still need to see it) Bill Foster is getting some love. Lets not forget he had a bronze age series that lasted three issues and you know how much I love final issues from this era $10-15 low print n
19. Robocop vs Terminator #1 gold variant – I was listening to epic rap battles of history and one of them was Robocop vs Terminator and I searched for it and this variant came up. Not much spec potential just an old book and it is Walt Simonson and Frank Miller awesomeness
20. Scooby Doo Where are You? #7 recalled edition – this is a rare Scooby Doo comic that was recalled for an ad for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in it and it goes for decent money. $20
Well that is it for this week. Once again thank you for reading, thank you for listening, and thank you for allowing me to play in the most awesome sandbox of all time
blind adam out

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  1. Thanks Adam! I think early Cyborg Superman appearances will continue to heat up! Adventures of Superman #465 &466, 1st Hank Henshaw are good ones to look for and they are still pretty cheap as well.

  2. It’s cool to see another fan of the CW shows. But you need to do a Gotham spec. Yesturday’s episode was great. Got to see more of the court of the owls. And season 3 ( if they make it) is going to be great. Like always Adam great list.

    1. How is Gotham, Jesus? I don’t really see anybody who feels it is simply, “Okay,” I just see folk either loving it or hating it. I hear some people say it is a clever retelling of the story of Batman with more of a focus on secondary characters, and I hear other individuals says it is a mess of tones, absurd plots, and etc.

      1. I like Gotham a lot David! The plot is a bit absurd and all over the place, but its always interesting. The first half of season 1, when focused on the Penguin, and the second half of season 2 with all of Strange’s monsters were the highlights for me. I’ve also really enjoyed the way the Riddler has developed as a character. The show’s larger mystery ties really well into the Court of Owls and I’m pumped to see what they do with that group, now that they’ve been introduced.

  3. The show is great. Better then most Batman movies and the old 60s television show. Nothing more absurd then Batman in the 60’s. Thing I like about it is all the background origins you get, Riddler, Firefly, Freeze, Azrael, Hugo Strange, Penguin, Clay face, Jim, Harvey, Cat woman, Alfred, Bruce, even Wayne enterprises shady dealings. The story of how Bruce eventually becomes Batman is intriguing and perfect for a tv series, you couldn’t do it in a 2hr movie. Every episode I watch I leave with a better understanding of the complete Batverse and to do all this with no Batman or Joker is pretty amazing. Season 1 has a few dull episodes here and there Season 2 is pretty action packed. As for the Joker some are saying the Joker will be among the villains of season 3 as part of Hugo Strange’s monsters as a resurrected Jerome a previous character from Gotham. If you like Batman pretty sure you will like this show,

  4. The show is awesome. You get the 411 on every character that you might not have known. And yes season 1 is slow moving but season 2, it ended with a bang and an urge to want more. Specially at the end where there is another Bruce Wayne. And the court of owls, man that was just sick how they introduced them. It would be cool to see this series to go all the way to where young Bruce turns into Batman.

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