IDW Star Wars Micro Comics Reprints First Appearance of Boba Fett

Hey, CHU, DrunkWooky here!
Well, IDW has moved on to the Empire Strikes Back adaptation run of Star Wars vol. 1 issues for their Mini Comic Collector’s Packs.
I purchased a single pack of the A New Hope Mini Comic reprints and lucked out enough to get #1! I wanted to strike similar gold here and get a miniature version of Boba Fett’s first appearance, issue #42! Well, I batted a 1,000! 1 for 1.

Here’s the tip for all of you looking for Boba’s first appearance in these packs (or Lando’s for that matter): you can see the issue numbers through the white ESB logo in the top left corner.

Just like before with the A New Hope Collectors Packs, you get (1) a high quality gloss-stock bound mini comic reprint of a Classic Star Wars vol. 1 adaptation issue (Check out that Chewbacca profile on the reverse! Not sure if you can tell from the pic, but the Chewbacca profile is “spot-glossed”);

(2) a sweet 3-D mini poster of that same cover; some specially printed 3-D glasses (in this case depicting the battle of Hoth); and (3) a trading card with a portion of a larger poster on the reverse.

All in all, I like these IDW Collector’s Packs. $5.00 for some great reprints. Sometimes it’s nice to bust out a reprint to re-read a key issue you’d rather not pull out of “carbonite!”
Not to mention, these 3-D covers have added some much needed psychedelia to my “Nerd Cave” walls!

Well, that’s it for now, dudes and dudettes. I hope this Memorial Day Weekend has been relaxing for all of you! I took the opportunity to visit a comic shop in my state I’d never been to. I’d highly recommend doing the same! Found a Wolverines #3 Parel variant at cover. But, anyway, I digress…
DrunkWooky out!

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  1. Thank’s for the article. I’m a big star wars fan, actually own the entire Marvel series and most of the Marvel movie specials.
    Where are these available at?

  2. Thanks for the tip drunkwooky. I got 2 #42. 1 for myself and one for my little one since he loves star wars and I mean loves lol. When we went to the LCS today, that was the first thing he went for lol.

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