Big Gems from the Small Press For June 2016

What UP CHU Mel? V here with another edition of Big Gems from the Small Press. WOOOT WOOOT BIG GEMS FROM THE SMALL PRESS TURNS 1 YEAR OLD THIS MONTH. I would like to take the time out to thank Tony for allowing me to write this article for his site, and I also would like to thank you the fans for taking the time out to read and comment. I plan on doing a Top 10 from the past year of Big Gems small press soon so be on the look out for that. These books are slated to be released in the month of August and the deadline to order is 6/24/16:
Don’t forget you can pre order from good friend of the site Ray at his newly revamped and very professional looking site Check em out…Alright lets get to it
After-Shock Comics Release: 8/3/2016
Writer: Marguerite Bennett
Artist: Rafael de Latorre
(W) Marguerite Bennett (A/CA) Rafael de Latorre – One day, the animals woke up. They started thinking. They started talking. They started taking revenge. Now, a dog and his girl are trying to get away– out of New York City, and all the way to San Francisco, to the only person who might be able to protect and save her. From the writer of INSEXTS, A-FORCE, and BOMBSHELLS and the artist of SUPERZERO, comes a new kind of road trip, a new kind of black comedy, and a new kind of coming-of- age.
Item #: 1544468  • Diamond code: JUN161065  •  UPC: 66257827206900111
Why I like It: First its After-Shock, and second, Animal Revenge books/movies are right up my Alley (Stay away from Zoombies though. Gosh that was awful) so I really look forward to this,it should be a great read
Nvrland #1
NVRLND #1 (OF 4)
451 Media Group Release: 8/10/2016
Writer: Dylan Mulick
Artist: Leila Leiz
(W) Dylan Mulick, Stephanie Salyers (A) Leila Leiz (CA) Christopher Mitten – NVRLND is a dark and magical retelling of Peter Pan set in the present-day landscape of Hollywood.
Wallflower turned wild-child Wendy Darling befriends the fierce Tiger Lily and falls into the music ravebscene of the underground club NVRLND. Intoxicated by the music, Wendy falls for the enigmatic Peter,lead singer of the band The Lost Boys. Peter is everything a girl could desire: handsome, daring, and reckless. Wendy discovers Peter is mixed up with the mysterious tattoo artist James Hook, who preys upon the young who flock to Peter, ‘hooking’ them on the new designer drug, Pixie Dust. You think you may know the truth about NVRLND, but the truth is, you know nothing. NVRLND is a story for anyone who never wants to give up, but may not live long enough to have a chance.
Item #: 1544739  • Diamond code: JUN161524  •  UPC: 68545012647200111
Why I Like It: Peter Pan with a dark twist, not sure if this has ever been done before, but count me in on this one from 451 studios …Pixie Dust
Bliss On Tap
Release: 8/3/2016
Writer: Dru Radovich
Artist: Arianna Margulis
(W) Dru Radovich, Arianna Margulis (A/CA) Arianna Margulis – Based on the smash-hit Instagram account, But Like Maybe? is a new comic book about life and stuff, examining the complicated world of selfies, brunch, hangovers, love, rejection, and over-analyzing everything. The first issue follows millennial heroine ‘BLM’ as she obsesses over her love interest ‘Hot Brad,’ while her teddy bear confidant attempts to intercept her crazy-girl antics. The voice of a generation… but like maybe?
Item #: 1544507  • Diamond code: JUN161209  •  UPC: 019962356131
Why I like It: I’m keeping a real close eye on this one…this has a lot of the elements that made Henchgirl great already an established Instagram fan-base, this book could be highly sought after and highly under ordered
Bliss On Tap Release: 8/3/2016
Writer: Brian Phillipson
Artist: Alex Cormack
(W) Brian Phillipson & Various (A/CA) Alex Cormack – Bloody love Hardcore Henry? Just wait until you read the official prequel Hardcore Akan, an origin story created by films director Ilya Naishuller, Brian Phillipson, and Will Stewart! Before wreaking havoc in the film Hardcore Henry, our ruthless villain, Akan, wasn’t always bad. Hardcore Akan uncovers what made him so potently evil; from his birth during the infamous Chernobyl disaster, to the discovery of his superpowers, to his ultimate rise as the head of Russia’s most sinister robotics company!
Item #: 1544649  • Diamond code: JUN161211  •  UPC: 019962356230
Why I Like it :Shout out to Minty Man-Cave Comics. He put me on to the Hardcore Henry and I really enjoyed it, and I’m shocked and happy they decided to release a prequel to the film which can easily be adapted into a film in the future ..could be a sleeper
(W) Ollie Masters (A) Luca Pizzari (CA) Chris Brunner – For the first time anywhere, read the untold story of how a young Jax Teller, 18 years old and fresh out of high school, decides to prospect his dead father’s-and his current stepfather’s-MC, the Sons of Anarchy.
The only all-new, original ongoing story for fans of Sons of Anarchy. Under complete supervision of SOA show creator Kurt Sutter, the story will feature younger versions of all the characters you’ve come to
know and love, including Opie, Clay, Jemma, Tig, Chibs, and Juice!
Item #: 1544818  • Diamond code: JUN161227  •  UPC: 84428400557900111
Why I like It:Big Fan of the original TV series that was on FX..if you guys have not seen it definitely check it out. SOA fan base was huge and once again this book could be sought after by many fans of the show
Manufacturer/Publisher: Titan Comics   (Release Date: 8/3/2016)
(W) Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Raymond Obstfeld (A) Joshua Cassara – Basketball legend, novelist, and superstar polymath Kareem Abdul-Jabbar brings his take on Sherlock Holmes’ older brother to comics at last! An all-new adventure set in the world of the bestselling Mycroft Holmes novel, The Apocalypse Handbook, sees the diffident, brilliant Mycroft pulled into a globe- spanning adventure at the behest of Queen Victoria and a secret organization at the heart of the British government. A madman is on the loose with civilization-destroying weapons, each two hundred years in advance of the status quo. Can the smartest man in England set aside his idle, womanizing ways for long enough to track down the foe that may be his match?
Item #: 1544727  • Diamond code: JUN161803  •  UPC: 07447068313100111
Why I Like it:NBA legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Not Sure if you guys know it or not he is a brilliant person and has a vivid imagination, I’m very interested to see how his comic writing is
Manufacturer/Publisher: Heavy Metal   (Release Date: 8/17/2016)
(W) Michael Moreci (A/CA) Keith Burns – Nate McCoy isn’t your ordinary private detective. Sure, he’s a bit of a slacker who doesn’t follow order and loves to rattle the status quo’s cages, but that’s not what really sets him apart. After rattling the wrong cage, Nate took a bullet to his head that, somehow, didn’t kill him. Instead, it gave him an unusual ability:
He can see and interact with past versions of himself. The people he reincarnated from. With the help of Jameson (a Wild West lawman) and Alan (a Mad Men-era hitman), Nate sets his sights on taking down his city’s crime kingpin and find out who he has to ‘thank’ for the bullet that gave him this strange, and helpful, new power.
Item #: 1544789  • Diamond code: JUN161580
Why I Like It: You guys know by now I love a fresh and new idea and this sounds like one of them, Coming from Michael Moreci ,I will expect nothing but greatness. Not for nothing Heavy Metal has some pretty good sounding books coming out in the future
That’s all I got for this month fans,Be sure to check out Anthony’s selections from the bigger name publishers .
Until next time see ya

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  1. Animosity and Nvrlnd look good. Did not know about But like maybe, but I do now going to get that one too.

  2. As usual thanks Mel. Picking these up. Sidenote when I saw “supervision of SOA show creator Kurt Sutter” SOA was going to get purchased.

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