Variant Envy: Darth Vader #22 DrunkWooky's Star Wars Report 6/2/2016

This one is fresh from our German friends over at Jedi Bibliothek
We all know that Darth Vader will be ending with issue #25 at this point. Sad to see a good series go, but as Neil Young said, better to burn out than to fade away. I’d hate to see some ineffective sobbing Dark Lord of the Sith if that’s what it take to get to issue #100.
Anyhoo, John Tyler Christopher fired up the action figure factory to ring in the end of the series and we were treated to Inspector Thanoth on #20! I know there were some out there who were speculating (and may still be speculating) that Doctor Aphra was coming down the pike. Well, not yet.
On the JTC cover to Issue #21 we get Tulon, one of Doctor Cylo’s dark android progeny.
darth vader 22 action figure cover
It seems we’re going to be continuing to wait on that Aphra, Triple Zero, or Black Krrsantan action figure variant. Still, it looks like the theme materializing in these Darth Vader series-ending action figure covers is depictions of characters only found in the comic up to this point–no movie characters as of late.
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  1. I would like Vader to continue but they can certainly do another volume with a new story line for sure. That’s the beauty of Star Wars, you can go in any direction, past, present or future.. left or right, the Star Wars Galaxy was huge, we were only given the small story of a few characters to start with from the originals and now it’s all wide open without Lucas calling the shots.

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