One to Watch: Joyride #1 and 2

Bleeding Cool ran a spec piece today (usually take these with a grain of salt) about Joyride #1 from Boom Studio’s. I am expanding on it a bit.

Copies of Joyride #1 have sold for upwards of $30 for the yellow 1A cover. Someone listed and sold a ton of copies for $7.99 (undercutting) but the next copy bounced back at $19. What BC failed to mention is the Second Issue is also selling for as high as $25.

Once again, these are books that can be found right on the shelf. I grabbed two sets of 1&2 today.


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4 Responses to One to Watch: Joyride #1 and 2

  1. John Filipek says:

    Thanks for da tip. (Said in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger Kindergarten Cop voice)

  2. A. King says:

    I have one set of #1 and #2 may have to pick up another one.

  3. Tony Southammavong says:

    Can someone tell me why this book is hot beside it being decent story?

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