Mel V.'s Picks of the Week for Delivery 6/15/16

What Up CHU?  This is a sneaky week for Variants. The TMNT #59 has a big issue out this week a lot of people will be hunting for..they can hunt all they want, it leaves me room to get the lesser sought after variants. Lets get it started 
Civil War II #2 Cover E Incentive Phil Noto Character Variant Cover
Civil War II X-Men #1 Cover E Incentive Phil Noto Character Variant Cover– Phil Noto is on the verge of getting super hot again. Mr Noto always brings his A Game to the park and this weeks variants are no different, Great covers for the PC and for NOTO collectors
Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #7 Cover C Incentive Julian Totino Tedesco Classic Variant Cover– Once in a while a cover comes along that I absolutely dont like at 1st, but the more I look at it I start to appreciate how great it is. This is one of them..a true throw back to the comic covers of the 50’s and 60’s ..This will be a tough one to find as my sources tell me this was severely under ordered

Star Wars Vol 4 #20 Cover B Variant John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Cover– I wish I still had my complete set of Star Wars action figure covers. I wanted a Yoda cover since the 1st wave of Action Figure covers were released. I’m getting this one for Nostalgia

Sun Bakery #2 Cover B Incentive James Harvey Variant Cover– Sleeper of the week if you happen to come across this GET IT.This is also one that will be under ordered

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  1. Hey Mel! Just saw you at Midtown Times Square aka my lcs. I was going to say hi but I was checking out as you walked in then I lost you in the store. Tony told me I would run into you at some point! Next time hopefully we run into each other and I can say hi. You’re one of the only other people that appreciate Phil Noto like I do lol.

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