Spoilers: Batman #1

Batman #1 is a big book this week. Not only was it sold out at Diamond, rumor has it Diamond oversold DC’s over print and reordered copies might get allocated, so stores might not get all the copies they ordered. Now I am sure there will be a ton of copies available, but just not as many for shops who tried to up their orders. Anyway, Spoilers ahead. Do not read unless you want to know early.


**Click on the spoiler images to see the pages and panels. **

Here is what this week’s issue of Batman looks like. No Bat-team from Batman Rebirth #1.

We do get an airplane taken down by a rocket launcher.


Batman saves the airplane full of people with a lasso and some portable jet engines.

We also get a very morbid Batman, I know DC said they were bringing light and hope back to the books, but this does not look so hopeful.

And Finally, we get the first full appearance of two new characters, Gotham and Gotham Girl, who seem to be able to fly.



The first cameo for Gotham and Gotham Girl are in Rebirth DC Universe #1 as seen in the panel below.


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9 Responses to Spoilers: Batman #1

  1. Cody says:

    This ones a no brainer. I mean you’d have to be a dummy not to pick this up.

  2. Jack says:

    Is this considered volume 3?

  3. A. King says:

    I will not be making the same mistake I did with New 52 and just get one copy for the PC. Going to be getting a ton of these.

  4. agentpoyo says:

    One shop was completely sold out. Another shop was slim pickings.

  5. jl says:

    not as large of stacks as I would have thought….the Miller Dark Knight though stores went crazy on that one….and no one was getting it, just the Rebirth.

    • Anthony says:

      People are intimidated by the $6.99 cover price.

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    • agentpoyo says:

      Yeah, I was able to snag the Bermejo Variant at cover price too. The same store I snagged that one, they were already sold out of Batman #1. My other stop had probably around 20 copies left on the shelf.

      The hard one to find today was TMNT.. only one shop had 1 left of Cover A I was able to snag.

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