Spoilers: Superman 1

Superman #1 is the other big DC release this week. The full era of Rebirth is upon us and it is doing well. Here are the spoilers for Superman #1 out tomorrow. Only read ahead if you are unphased by spoilers. 

First up, the story is called Son of Superman. And while it does focus on Superman himself, Superboy has an interesting arc in the book.

Early on, and this is no spoiler, we are treated to a double page spread of Superman opening his shirt to reveal the classic logo.

What is being spoiler protected is the following two images. Click on the spoiler graphic to see the images.


First up Superboy tries to save his cat and uses his powers, we have only seen flight up until this point.



The results are not so good. Superboy learns an important lesson about power.



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12 Responses to Spoilers: Superman 1

  1. Shines says:

    So much for lightness returning to the DCU.
    Week #2 and this…I’m guessing next werk the kid pulls someone’s arm off?

  2. A. King says:

    Looks good. Definitely will be getting a couple of these. I just wish every issue didn’t have a variant.

  3. jl says:

    wow…poor Goldie….that was mind blowing

  4. Joshua Masters says:

    PETA outrage in 5…4…3

  5. Jl says:

    With great power comes a need for new pets

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